We may think of our pets as domestic, but really they're just wild animals that live in our houses. The perfect way to capture what they're up to while we're asleep is with a pet cam. Here's what happened when Petcube pet cam users turned on the night vision and caught their own crazy pets up to no good in the dark.

Look before you leap!

cat jumping on lazer

Hmm, I think this dog is on to us

Dog nose in a cam

Don't poke your sister!

cats having fun on camera

Laser tag is even more fun in the dark

cat and lazer on night vision

Don't worry, it's not paranormal activity, it's PURR-anormal activity

cat playing with lazer at night

Ever wonder where all the cat toys disappear to?

cat toys

Sibling rivalry caught on camera

cats fighting on camera

Want to find out what your pet is secretly up to when you're not there? Petcube Play lets you watch, hear, and even play with your pet remotely. Sound and motion alerts can let you catch their funniest moments and the laser pointer can give them exercise anytime. Learn more about how these cameras are fun for both pets and their owners here.

petcube play pet camera

More pets caught on camera:

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