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Moving forward

Sometimes you only get one moment to say goodbye, and that moment has come. We finally had to say farewell to the whole first batch of Petcube Cameras. While many packages are still on their way, the last bunch took off from China and those of our customers who are still waiting for their orders will receive them shortly.

cat with a camera

cat got a Petcube cam

cat lying on a Petcube cam

Holiday fever at the postal services slowed us down a lot. Each camera was shipped in several stages, crossing borders and customs, in containers and then individually. Sometimes it took us too long to process the packages, but we learn by our mistakes and will make sure that things go smoothly in the future.

cat photos with a Petcube camera

happy dogs with a Petcube cam

dog with a Petcube camera

Thousands of Petcube Cameras happily have reached their homes. We were proud to present our product at CES, one of the world’s largest Consumer Electronics Shows, and see it live on Fox News, CNET, Today and other big TV shows. We enjoyed some good reviews published on GigaOm, Gadget Review and Barkzilla. But it’s all pale in comparison with seeing our first real furry users chasing red dots on that screen.

Petcube team

cat with a camera

cats caught on camera></p>

<p><span>Sometimes things don’t go smoothly, some Wi-Fi connection issues are being reported these days. Petcube developers were swamped with work on software updates. It turned out that our team wasn’t big enough to handle all the requests and questions in a timely manner. It was a major bummer. With new people on the squad, we will make sure to focus on our customer support much closely.</span></p>  

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We feel truly heartbroken about our Android delay. Frustrating our backers and customers is the worst feeling ever. Streaming live video along with Android device fragmentation turned out to be a tricky task that took us more time than we expected. We have to make sure that Petcube app looks and works great on every Android smartphone with any screen size before releasing it to Google Play. Our developers work literally night and day to complete this important mission by the end of this month.

Petcube Android app></p>  

<p><span>While our beloved babies have left the factory, we are too busy to suffer from an empty nest syndrome. The second batch of Petcube Cameras is coming in late February. Some software updates with a number of improvements and stretch goals features are yet to be released. While being busy with all that, we’re still craving more feedback, beautiful photos and public Petcubes to play. By the way, many of them are coming soon. But that’s another story ;)</span></p>

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