Slava Baranskyi by Slava Baranskyi

Tight ship

The shipping of Petcubes successfully took off and it’s going well, despite the fact that we have changed our shipping provider one day before the start due to some customs issues. Day by day we continue packing our babies into special protective carton bags and pass them along to our shipping partner who delivers them around the world.

manufacturing process

Soon we will sync our databases with the shipping companies, so please look out for our next email that will contain the tracking number for your package.


We’re almost done with manufacturing the whole batch of Petcube Cameras and will keep shipping your rewards gradually in small bunches. International shipping is a complicated process and it gets really tricky sometimes.

Our US customers will receive their Petcube Cameras within next ten days, while it will take a bit more time to ship the orders to other countries. Still, we are doing everything possible to deliver the gadgets to all of our customers around the world before Christmas.

dog with a Petcube camera

Taking into attention some recent events in Hong Kong, it may take more time for our shipment to cross the border. Also holidays are coming and the customs are getting extremely cluttered. We are doing our best to get the cargo out of China in extra speedy manner.

This festive season more exciting news to come, please stay tuned for more updates.

Petcube Team