Raising a cat has its highs and lows — pretty much like any relationship. Today you’re canoodling furball in bed, and tomorrow you’re screaming in pain because grimalkin bit you. Oh well, so much for a mutualistic relationship.

Owning a cat can be a rewarding experience, but it can be exacting at times. Don’t believe me? Here are 10 comics that pretty much sum up what cat ownership is like.

1. Single or in a relationship, your cat sleeps with you.

Comic of cat cuddling with owners

2. Productivity killer no. 1.

Comic showing cat lying on the computer

3. Your cat owns everything, including your chair.

Comic of a cat lying on a chair (Art by Lillian Lai)

4. Your daily morning view is your cat’s behind.

Comic of a cat's ass

5. You'll never figure out what your cat will do next.

Comic of a cat biting its owner (Art by Adam Ellis)

6. You’re not having kids. Wait! You already have one.

Comic of a woman claiming to have a baby cat

7. Your phone’s out of memory because it's packed with memories with your cat.

Comic of a phone packed with cat photos

8. The good thing about being a cat lover at Christmas... everyone knows what to get you!

Comic of a woman getting cat gifts (Art by Cat Versus Human)

9. Your day is never boring.

Photo of a cat trying to fit its body on anything (Art by C Is For Frenchfry)

10. You get free, unlimited massages, courtesy of your furry masseuse.

Comic of a woman getting a massage from a cat (Art by Frannerd)

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