Raising a cat has its highs and lows — pretty much like any relationship. Today you’re canoodling furball in bed, and tomorrow you’re screaming in pain because grimalkin bit you. Oh well, so much for a mutualistic relationship.

Owning a cat can be a rewarding experience, but it can be exacting at times. Don’t believe me? Here are 10 comics that pretty much sum up what cat ownership is like.

Single or in a relationship, your cat sleeps with you

Comic of cat cuddling with owners

Productivity killer no. 1

Comic showing cat lying on the computer

Your cat owns everything, including your chair

Comic of a cat lying on a chair
(Art by Lillian Lai)

Your daily morning view is your cat’s behind

Comic of a cat's ass

You'll never figure out what your cat will do next

Comic of a cat biting its owner
(Art by Adam Ellis)

You’re not having kids. Wait! You already have one

Comic of a woman claiming to have a baby cat

Your phone’s out of memory because it's packed with memories with your cat

Comic of a phone packed with cat photos

The good thing about being a cat lover at Christmas... everyone knows what to get you!

Comic of a woman getting cat gifts
(Art by Cat Versus Human)

Your day is never boring

Photo of a cat trying to fit its body on anything
(Art by C Is For Frenchfry)

You get free, unlimited massages, courtesy of your furry masseuse

Comic of a woman getting a massage from a cat
(Art by Frannerd)

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