Take two things that are good, mix them together, get something even better. We've taken our two great loves, food and cats, and found ten amazing illustrations of kitties as junk food, sushi, and more. If you're a feline-loving foodie, we just made your day.

1. What's a cat's favorite flavor of ice cream? Mice cream

cat ice cream

2. Extra anchovies please!

cat as pizze

3. Which flavor of cat-puccino do you like best?

cats as coffee

4. Would you like a little Sa-kitty with your mew-nagi?

sushi cat
(Art by Catshrine)

5. This kitty costs extra but is totally worth it

avocado cat

6. Instead of shedding, this kitty just peels

cat as a banana

7. The perfect snack to eat while you ride the meowy-go-round at the carnival

cotton candy cat
(Art by Sophie Corrigan)

8. Excuse me waiter, I found a cat hair in my food.

drawing of a cat as a hamburger

9. MMM, kitten noodle soup!

drawing of a cat as ramen

10. For dessert, we'll dip our bis-cat into our kit-tea

drawing of cat as a cookie

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