It's hard to feel the zen of your downward-facing dog pose with an actual dog trying adorably to squeeze on your mat. There's just something about the stillness of yoga that draws pets like a moth to a flame. For pet owners, no home yoga session is complete without a tail in the face as you struggle through a vinyasa.

If you've ever rolled out the mat in the living room and tried to do a little DIY yoga with an animal loose in the house, then you know these struggles. Na-meow-ste!

First, pets make sure the mat is well seasoned with a layer of hair that will end up in your mouth every time you do child's pose.

Sorry, but your cat is simply not impressed with that crow pose that took you a year to nail.

Have you ever noticed how much cats love yoga mats?

Dogs keep trying to turn bow pose into "bow wow" pose.

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Your dog may have learned "stay" - but did he learn "nama-stay"?

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Oh, you haven't heard of the cat chakra?

Certain poses leave you extremely vulnerable to sloppy dog kisses, plus all that salty sweat makes you taste delicious.

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The only thing more fun for your cat than weaving its way through your legs is weaving its way through your legs AND arms.

Great, now you're just going to have to hold that pose forever. The cat has decided it's its new cat tree.

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Having trouble sticking that post? Just brace yourself against a sturdy dog. They're better than yoga blocks, and way cuter.

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