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Every dog has it's day...and whether that day is its birthday or its bark mitzvah, it deserves an awesome party. But with chocolate cake out of the question, how do you get down with dogs? We're helping you put together all the ingredients for the perfect K9 shindig.

1. Cake

Who needs chocolate when there are so many other delicious options from peanut butter to fruit. Here are a few pupcake options that are good enough even the two-legged attendees might want to partake.

This simple three-ingredient recipe blends peanut butter, sweet potato & oats to create a treat that's tasty enough for owners and their dogs to share... These sweet treats are quick to make and require no baking time. You can shape well in any silicone ice mold — our go-to choice is usually hearts in honor of showing our big guy a little love!

If your pup's palate leans more toward fruit, this recipe also includes apples...though the included beef broth may make it a little less appealing to people.

2. Decorations

Let's be honest, our dogs would probably be just as happy to decorate with trash strewn across the kitchen and gutted stuffed toys. The decorations are mostly for the people, but there are a few ways you can pretty things up while making them more appealing for your dog.

Dogs have trouble seeing reds and greens, but yellows and blues show up well, so take this into consideration with your color scheme.

dog party decorations

With a lot of dogs all in one space, you also want to think about potty time. If you have a yard, create a tucked away zone with a trash can, poop bags, and some cutesy signage to make sure doggies do their business in the right spot. If you're indoors or only have concrete areas, you may want to invest in a piece of astroturf and create a DIY "porch potty" or go with one of the natural grass dog potties.

dog astroturf porch potty

3. Entertainment

Keep those canines entertained with these party games designed to appeal to their favorite hobbies.

Use a small kiddy pool filled with dirt or sand to create a treasure hunt. Digging is something dogs instinctively love to do, so let them go crazy without destroying your garden or landscaping. Use toys, treats, carrots, and mini tennis balls and bury them in the dirt of the pool. Let dogs take turns digging for something good.

Dog in kiddy pool full of tennis balls

If your puppy pals have talent, put on a trick show and let each owner show off their dog's best trick. You can even hand out ribbons for your favorites, but be sure to include some funny awards for "worst listener" and "most bizarre trick."

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4. Friends

It's not a party unless your whole pack is there. Sure, you can just shoot off a Facebook invite, but what fun is that for dogs?

What dogs lack in sight, they make up for in spell, so how about sending an invite that will get dogs psyched even if they can't read the details.

Order some cute dog-themed invites that people can appreciate but make them totally dog-friendly by topping them off with a spray of bacon fragrance.


5. Presents

Most dogs are pretty spoiled, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be EVEN MORE spoiled. Parties are the time to ask for those super special gifts that they may not get on the average trip to the pet store. Some of the top gifts on canine wishlists?

The best gift you could ever give your dog is never leaving their side, but since that's not possible, a pet camera is a great way to virtually be with them. Petcube lets you talk to, watch, and even play with your pet from afar.

Petcube Bites pet camera with treat dispenser

A subscription service keeps the celebration vibes going year round. Services like BarkBox and Pet Treater will send a box full of new toys and treats each month.

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If you'd like to make your party a charitable affair, consider asking guests to bring along a toy or pet supply that you'll donate to a local shelter.

6. Booze

For the two-legged attendees, there's any number of dog-themed drinks to pick from, such as grapefruit juice Greyhounds or Salty Dogs. Alcohol is a no-go for doggies, but this doesn't mean they shouldn't have something special to sip on, so here are a few suggestions courtesy of Herb's Signature Cocktails.

dog cocktails

A Dirty Mutt-tini

  • 1 cup of fresh water
  • 1/2 cup of beef broth (make sure it's 100% beef without any seasoning)
  • Garnish with a ground beef meatball

Pooch Punch

  • 1/2 gallon of fresh water
  • 2oz fresh wheatgrass juice

Mix and serve in a punchbowl and garnish with fresh grass clippings.

7. Party favors

Keep the party going even after it's over by sending your guest off with some great party favors.

Small dog toys and treats are an obvious one, but here's a suggestion if you want to get a little clever. Many pet stores will let you engrave dog tags, or you can buy blank dog tags and engrave them yourself at the party. If you want to get really fancy, you can even get bulk engravable jewelry and make matching pieces for the dog's owners.

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engraved dog tags

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