Pets are just so cute they deserve a language all their own and the internet has definitely risen to the occasion. From LOLcats to Doge, the internet has long been making up its own special words for our pets' funny habits. So how many of these hilarious terms do you know...and how many is your pet guilty of? It's time for a little vocab quiz...


Everyone knows the proper way for a pet to sit is with its legs neatly tucked underneath it...but sometimes things go a little crazy and the legs just stick out the back. This ever-so-elegant position is know as the "sploot" and it's adorable.

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funny baby corgi

Airplane Ears

A surefire sign that you're only seconds from being clawed by your cat, airplane ears are when a kitty folds its ears back as though its about to take flight.

angry calico cat


Finally a word for your pet's goofiest moments...when they give that ridiculous questioning head tilt, when your cat tries to gracefully jump but ends up falling flat on its face, when your pupper put his foot right in the water bowl. It's ridiculous, and very derpy.

weird face dog

Escape Foot

If a sploot involves both legs, then an escape foot is like a half sploot. This pose is when a pet sits normally but one little leg is always popping out to the side.

cat with foot


Some people call it the crazies, and it looks like running amok, but the proper word is "frap." Technically an acronym for Frequent Random Acts of Play, this term arose in the corgi community for the breed's tendency to go a little nutty.

Running Corgis - Frap


Sure you could call it "grooming", but isn't "baffing" a lot more fun? Imagine saying the word "bathing" as though you were a silly cat.

Cat licking a paw

Corn chip toes

Go ahead, take a whiff of your pet's paws. We dare you. Too afraid? Well then take our word for it that they smell more than a little bit like a Frito. We'd tell you why, but then you may never think of corn chips the same way again.

Corn chip toes


No, we're not talking about lazing around (although pets like to do a lot of that too.) Loafing is when a pet pulls all its legs beneath it to form what looks like a furry loaf of bread.

Cat Loafing


Not the type that you treat your dog with, we're talking about the type cats like to make by kneading their paws. This behavior dates back to their kittenhood when they used the motion to get milk from their mother.

cat kneading paws


Imagine your pet's nose is a car horn, but instead of an obnoxious wail, it let out a sweet little "BOOP!." Booping is the behavior of gently poking your pet's nose.

Cat's nose

What words did we miss? Let us know your favorite funny pet terms in the comments.

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