Dogs are known for their cool and outgoing personalities, making them good pets and, for many of us, best friends. But when it comes to being cool, few other dogs are as chill as BalouBlue, a French Bulldog and a certified therapy dog from Naples, Florida. Here are 13 reasons why BalouBlue is the chillest dog in town.

1. BalouBlue is absolutely adorable

2. He hangs out by the pool to relax. Nice shades!

3. Aww my gawd! He’s so chill right now.

4. He sleeps wherever he wants.

5. And he goes to the gym every day.

6. He’s basically a superdog with superpowers.

7. And he snores in his sleep.

8. BalouBlue’s the boss. Period.

9. He’s a cowboy on the run. Yeehaw!

10. He really knows how to chill.

11. Just look at him swim.

12. BalouBlue is living the life. He knows how to have fun.

13. So be sure to follow BalouBlue on Instagram.

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