These new California transplants have said goodbye to Texas in search of dryer homes on the West Coast. The San Francisco SF SPCA recently took on 44 pets from Texas in order to make room for animals rescued during the Gulf Coast flooding as a result of Hurricane Harvey.

Texas shelters are currently sending animals all across the nation in order to make room for pets rescued from the flood. Many of these rescued pets have a chance of being reunited with their owners, and making space in shelters buys these animals the time they need to get back to their families.

The animals, both cats and dogs, flew in a private plane from Texas and will be up for adoption at the SF SPCA.

Petcube is helping SF SPCA support these new additions by donating a portion of proceeds from the sales of Petcube products using promo code PETCUBERESCUE. We'll even give you $25 off for supporting shelters.

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