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If a wildfire ripped through your neighborhood or an earthquake rocked your city, what would happen to your pet? Would you be ready to save them right now? Recent Hurricanes in Texas and Florida have tested pet owners but have provided important lessons for the rest of us. Taking these steps today might save your pet's life.

Know your pet's behavior

This is one of the most important things you should keep in mind in case of any emergency. Whether it's a sudden fire or an earthquake, try to stay calm and think about what your pet's behavior might be in such a situation. Are they likely to run away in panic? If yes, they might leave behind a familiar and safe place and run into the fire or away from the earthquake's epicenter. Knowing your pet's behavior is key to a safe pet rescue.

Make sure that your pet is microchipped

Most pet owners microchip their pets. This is a very important step that will ensure the pet's safe return if they are lost during an emergency. A microchip is a small device that's often injected into a pet's body. This chip will stay in the pet's body for years. So, if your pet is lost, you can discover an approximate location. A microchip is a handy way of locating your pet in case of any emergent situations.

Research laws and shelters ahead of time

After the death of an estimated 100,000 pets in Hurricane Katrina, more than 30 states now have a plan law that spells out how pets should be handled in an emergency. In Florida, some of the pet-friendly shelters require you pre-register your pet, and they suspend registration once a hurricane warning has been issued. Frequently shelters also require that your pet be registered in the state or county. Particularly if you live in a disaster prone area, know your rights and research beforehand.

Keep a copy of your pet's medical records

This is also an important thing you should keep in mind. Your pet's medical records will help the vet or a shelter identify your pet. The medical records should include details about the pet's health condition and any medical history.

Get a pet evacuation kit

Consider purchasing a pet evacuation kit. This kit can help you in case you have to evacuate your home. You can put all your pet's belongings in a bag and take them with you. This bag can also include a leash and a collar, pet medications, your pet's food and water, towels, a pet first aid kit, pet blankets, and toys.

Train your pet

You've heard it right. Train them in case they have to be put on a leash and how to behave in the car. All these things will help in case you have to evacuate your home. You can also train your pet to stay in a crate. If you have to evacuate, you can put your pet in a crate and evacuate more easily.

Familiarize your pet with your car

Your pet should be familiar with your car. They should know that a car is a safe place. Start with taking your pet to the car and reward them with treats. Then, put the treats in the car and let your pet sniff them. After some time, put the treats in a bag and then place them in the car. It is no surprise that your pet will get used to taking a car ride and building safe associations.

Prepare at least three days food and water

Make sure that your food storage is water-tight, like in a sealed jar. In case of flooding, your food won't be ruined by water. Canned food also works well because it's less likely to spoil and the included water will help keep your pet hydrated.

Buy the supplies

It's not hard to do this on a budget DIY style, but if you want to make things easier, Amazon has many emergency pet supplies ready for purchase. Start with a sticker on your window that lets people know you have pets. Follow up with a pet survival kit or an emergency first aid pet kit.

How are you preparing your furry family members for disaster? Share your favorite tips and help save others' pets.

A pet cam is one way to always know your pet is ok. With sound and motion alerts, you'll be instantly alerted to trouble and the live video and two-way audio let you communicate with your pet in an emergency.

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