We moan a lot about technology these days, but there’s no denying that it makes life better — and not just for us. If you’re on the hunt for the best Mother’s Day gifts for the pet mom in your life, you’ve come to the right place. These gadgets and gizmos can soothe, protect, and entertain your precious pets when you’re not able to… and that’s before we get to the peace of mind they can offer.

Why don’t we dive right in?


  1. Petcube Cam
  2. Petcube Play 2
  3. Petcube Emergency Fund
  4. Petcube Bites 2
  5. Petcube Care
  6. Conclusion

Petcube Cam

This one is for the anxious pets out there… and their anxious pet parents! Petcube Cam allows you to monitor precious pets when their moms can’t be there in person, and it also features crystal-clear two-way audio. Moms can see and hear their furry children, and their furry children can hear their moms.

Petcube Cam is a great solution for pets with separation anxiety or other behavioral problems. When they can’t be soothed by mom in person, the voice can play the part, offering support and soothing words exactly when they’re needed.

It’s also one of the great gifts for new puppy owners, giving them peace of mind when leaving their furkids home alone for the first few times. They can be checked on at any time.

Other fun features include:

  • Night vision;
  • 1080p full HD;
  • 8x digital zoom.

Petcube Play 2

If you’re on the hunt for unique gifts for animal lovers, Petcube Play 2 is worth your consideration. As well as having a 160° view, Petcube Play 2 allows pet parents to play with their pets when they’re not at home.

As well as night vision and 1080p full HD, Play 2 also offers a 4x digital zoom and an interactive laser toy. Cats, dogs, and other pets love to chase laser lights, and they’ll be able to play like their parents are home even when they’re not. It’ll be just as much fun for pet moms as it will be for the pets themselves!

Even the best fur babies display destructive behaviors when they’re bored and understimulated, but this interactive and fun tool helps to combat that. It can be used to distract, reward, teach, and more.

Everyone always buys cool toys and gadgets that benefit pets, but this potential dog mom gift also benefits the mom. Fewer bouts of destructive behavior mean fewer pairs of shoes chewed right through!

Petcube Emergency Fund

You really can’t put a price on peace of mind, and that’s why the Petcube Emergency Fund is one of the smartest dog mom gifts… and it might be the most appreciated, too!

According to Forbes, the average price for pet healthcare when a dog ingests a foreign object is around $3,500. Without insurance, that would be something a pet mom would need to pay for. With Petcube’s Emergency Fund, however, an emergency case of ingesting a foreign object would be covered up to the value of $3,000 — all for less than $1 per day.

The best gift for dog moms and all other parents of other pets is peace of mind, and this gift idea ticks that box. Innovative tools like these are great for building and strengthening bonds with pets and allowing parents and pets to understand each other a little better.

Other features include:

  • Cover up to six dogs or cats;
  • No limitations on pre-existing conditions;
  • No credit checks;
  • Choose your vet for treatment.

Petcube Bites 2

If you need gifts for animal lovers that’ll provide hours of entertainment, Petcube Bites 2 is a gadget you should take a look at. Not only does it give the option to monitor pets around the clock, but treats can be scheduled for release and even dispensed with the flick of the finger.

Pet technology can make such a difference in the lives of pets and their parents. As well as keeping communication going even when pet moms can’t be there in person, it can be used to catch symptoms of medical conditions that would otherwise be missed, soothe anxiety and other separation-based destructive behaviors, and provide endless hours of entertainment and enrichment.

Other fun features include:

  • Built-in Amazon Alexa;
  • Four microphone arrays for crystal-clear sound;
  • Made from durable (and pet-proof) aluminum and plastic.

Petcube Care

Petcube Care is an upgrade to the basic (and free) camera service that comes with Petcube technology. On top of live streaming, Petcube Care offers up to 90 days of history, which is great for when pet moms need to provide health evidence to a vet.

Smart alerts are also available, so moms can hear when their pooch is barking at the postman or their cat is meowing for attention. It even separates people’s noise from pet noise, so they won’t be notified when someone in the household uses the bathroom in the middle of the night.

With two levels of coverage, Optimal and Premium, there’s no need to miss a brilliant, hilarious, or social media-worthy moment. And there’ll be plenty of evidence on hand to show a vet just what’s going on with a poorly pet for quick diagnoses.


These ideas are more personalized dog gifts for owners than other, more traditional ideas, such as chew toys or doggy outfits. Benefiting both paw-parent and fur-kid, plenty of stimulation and entertainment from these techy toys will lead to happy pets, which in turn will lead to happy parents.

Combating behavioral problems, catching medical symptoms early, and soothing separation anxiety is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to these dog mom gift ideas and their benefits!

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