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— Claudia Smargiasso
Why Does My Cat Pee on My Bed? 5 Reasons and Solutions to Them

Cat peeing on bed issue can become a big problem for pet parents. Learn why your cat keeps peeing on bed and how to prevent this unwanted behavior. »

— Claudia Smargiasso
What Does It Mean When Your Cat Licks You? 6 Possible Reasons of Cat Licking

If you've ever asked yourself "Why does my cat lick me so much?", we have the answers. Learn why cats lick people, other cats, or even dogs. »

— Oleh Boiko
Choosing a Pup Breed 101: 10 Easiest Dog Breeds for Novice Owners

Looking for a pooch? Check out the ten best first-time dog breeds. Read on and choose a pup matching your lifestyle and training preferences. »

— Joanna Que
How To Introduce a Kitten to a Cat and Make Them Get Along

8 tips on how to introduce cats, what to do if your cats don't get along, and some cat bonding tricks for responsible pawrents. »

— Joanna Que
Is Cat Sneezing a Reason for Concern?

Why do cats sneeze? Learn about possible causes for sneezing in cats, their signs, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. »

— Claudia Smargiasso
What is Pica in Cats? Definition, Reasons, Treatment

Pica disorder in cats: definition of feline pica, signs that your cat might have it, common reasons, and treatment for pica in cats. »

— Claudia Smargiasso
Why do Dogs Eat Grass? Another Weird Dog Behavior Explained

Should you worry if your pup eats grass? Discover what causes this behavior, learn if it's safe for your dog, and how to get your dog to stop eating grass. »

— Joanna Que
A Look Into The Possibility of Autism in Dogs: Can Dogs Have Autism?

Can a dog have autism? Veterinarians don't rule out the existence of this condition in animals. Learn about possible symptoms and causes of autism in dogs. »

— Claudia Smargiasso
Why are Cats Afraid of Water? 4 Reasons Why Your Cat Hates it

As we all know, cats are afraid of water. What is behind their fear? Read about the reasons why cats hate water and learn how to get your cat to like it. »

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