Pet Projects: DIY Cat Puzzle Box

Your cat already loves boxes, so you know they'll love this kitty DIY that takes the classic box and makes it even better.

This cat puzzle box is the perfect way to keep your pet not only physically stimulated, but also mentally stimulated as well. It taps

Pet Projects: DIY Cat Toy Puff

Who says you need to hit up the pet store to entertain your cat? You can make a cat toy with a few simple supplies that most people have around the house.

This puff ball is a perfect tiny toy for young kittens to bat around. Leave it in a container of catn

Signs Your Pet Has Allergies

While many humans have pet allergies, pets’ immune systems can fail them too. Just like in people, allergy symptoms in dogs and cats develop when their immune systems begin to recognize certain everyday substances (or allergens) as dangerous. Dogs love to scra