Petfeed Tales

— Ali Smith
Make a Fresh Start with New Petcube Care Perks

To start 2019 on the right paw, spoil your pup with Fresh Patch real grass potty and ZippyPaws fun dog toys and accessories. »

— Ali Smith
Check Off Your Pet's Xmas List With Holiday Petcube Care Perks

Check off your fur baby’s Christmas list or give the perfect gift to that favorite pet parent of yours with our newest perks! »

— Pippa Elliott
Your Essential Guide to Understanding Depression in Dogs

If your dog was ‘down’ would you recognize the signs of depression in dogs? Discover how to tell if your dog is depressed and get that tail wagging again. »

— Brad Wells
With Smart Alerts, Only Get Alerts That Matter

Petcube's AI can now tell pet owners when their dogs are barking, cats are meowing, and whether pets or people are in view. Available with Petcube Care. »

— Emily Nguyen
Start Your Holiday Shopping Today with the Newest Petcube Care Perks!

It's not quite the holidays yet but we're already thinking about gift ideas for pet parents! We've got you covered from custom portraits to cat scratchers to dog beds and more. »

— Emily Nguyen
It’s Almost Howl-o-ween. These New Perks Are So Good It’s Spooky!

This spooky month, Petcube is releasing two brand new Petcube Care perks from KONG and Pet Treater. »

— Rachel Youens
8 Special Dogs To Inspire Your Instagram Feed

Not all puppies are made perfect, but they're definitely all made cute. Follow these eight special dogs to fill your Instagram feeds with inspiration and cuteness. »

— Guest Author
Animal-Assisted Therapy: How Pets Help Recovering Addicts

Pet therapy is a way of coping with drug and alcohol addiction. Learn the benefits of the certified animal-assisted therapy programs in the rehabilitation. »

— Gene Ryan Briones
10 Pawesome Benefits of Using Petcube Care

Thankfully, there’s Petcube Care, a new cloud video recording service that automatically records your pet’s activities, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. »

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