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Petcube Bites Lets You Reward Your Pet From Your Smartphone

At Petcube, we’re inspired to create innovative ways for pet parents to stay connected to their pets. That’s one of the reasons why we’re so excited about our new Wi-Fi pet camera, Petcube Bites.

Like our best-selling Petcube Camera, this product gives pet parents options to interact with and deepen their relationship with their furry loved ones when they’re away. Our entire product lineup provides on-the-go pet care. Petcube Camera and the next-gen Petcube Play focuses on play and exercise, and Petcube Bites promotes treating and rewarding.

Petcube Bites is a game changer for remotely caring, coaching and rewarding your pets. Reinforce good behavior and discourage bad ones through real-time interaction. Reward your pet with treats, and play back recorded video for training purposes.

Petcube Bites continues our tradition of gamifying real-time interactions with pets. One of the coolest features is the ability to “fling” treats either on demand or on a schedule - all from the Petcube App on your smartphone.

The device does not tie you to any specific brand of treats. You choose the treats that best appeal to your dog or cat. It supports treats that are up to 1 inch long and smaller size treats.

Petcube Bites uses Amazon Dash Replenishment technology to track your pet’s treat consumption, and give you the option to automatically reorder treats if the treat volume is running low. We'll send you reminder notifications when it’s time to re-order via push notification and email.

While you can easily record videos taken from Petcube Bites and store locally on your smartphone, we’re launching an optional cloud video recording service called Petcube Care to give you the ability to record 10 or 30 days of video timeline history. Kickstarter backers of Pecube Bites or Petcube Play get an exclusive 90-day free trial of the Petcube Care service.

Petcube Bites treat cam Kickstarter

There are a very limited number of Petcube Bites Early Bird deals left on Kickstarter. Hurry before they’re gone! Once we hit our Kickstarter stretch goal of $300K, we’ll unlock a new “snow white” color option for Petcube Bites and Petcube Play, exclusive to Kickstarter backers.