At Petcube, our mission is to use technology to help give pets a voice. That's why we're so excited about today's announcement - smart alerts.

The name is super technical sounding, but we promise - it's actually really great for pet parents.

With this new feature, you'll get notifications on your phone when your dog is at home barking or when your cat is meowing. Maybe they're really missing you, maybe they're bored or maybe there's a potential emergency that you should check-in on. It's the 2018 equivalent of an SMS from your furbaby or an improved early warning system.

More than that - our recognition technology can also tell the difference between people and pets. So you'll know who is home and when they're in front of the camera.

Together, these features give you better information on what's going on at home than ever before. Also important, it's powered by artificial intelligence algorithms (another tech buzzword, sorry) that learn and improve over time - this means that it will actually get smarter and smarter. This type of technology is typically found in high-end security cameras, but we're bringing it to pets.

Petcube Care Smart Alerts: Pet and Person Detection

What exactly are smart alerts?

Smart alerts are triggered by four new types of events that your Petcube camera can recognize:

  • Dogs barking
  • Cats meowing
  • Pets in view of the camera
  • People in view of the camera

Smart alerts are available for subscribers to Petcube Care with 10 days or 30 days of video history. Find out more info about Petcube Care and how to sign up.

The recognition can also work with Petcube's cloud video recording - triggering automatic recording - so you can replay what's really happening at home and get the full picture. Petcube also captures events a few seconds before it recognized the bark or meow - giving you intel on what got your four-legged family member going in the first place. Same for when pets and people are detected.

Petcube Care Smart Alerts: Barking Detection

Why would I want smart alerts?

Petcube has long had sound and motion detection and alerts. Smart alerts add detection for four new types of things that are happening: barking, meowing, pets and people. It improves the accuracy of notifications - telling you when something's happening that actually matters. This reduces the false positive events like curtains swaying or shadows moving across your room - things that are hardly worth your attention.

Smart alerts can tell you if your pet is coming and going. You will know when there's someone at home, whether it's a family member or your dog walker. You'll know if your pet is making a lot of noise and you should check in on them, or whether all is relatively quiet and you can rest easier. Smart alerts give you peace of mind like never before.

Petcube Care Smart Alerts: Meowing Detection

Tell me more about Petcube Care

Petcube Care is an optional subscription available to owners of Petcube pet cameras. It gives users 24/7 cloud video recording coverage, extended 2-year warranty on their device, extended up to 30-second long video clips, smart alerts (for 10 and 30-day video history plans), and access to perks from leading pet care and product companies.

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