When left alone, pets can be as much fun as trouble sometimes. Petcube cameras have long helped parents catch silly and adorable moments when it comes to their furry troublemakers. Petcube Care cloud video recording service captures video, triggered by sound and motion, and stores its safely in the interactive timeline in the app. With the help of Petcube Care, Petcube pet parents solve mysteries and furkid shenanigans. Pets can get busted!

Petcube goes the extra mile, helping hoomans protect their pets from harmful situations and life-threatening moments. We wanted to share four user stories where our Petcube pet cams truly saved the day. Enjoy the read!

Rodenticide Poisoning Prevented

Jonathan and his wife noticed a bloody stain on their guest bed where their dog waits for them when they are not home. They looked back at the Petcube Care video history on and were shocked to see their dog eating a rodent on the bed! They decided to get him looked at by the vet, and it turned out the rodent had been poisoned and their lab’s blood was thinning and becoming life-threatening due to the poison’s effect on his clotting factor. Luckily, the poison was being counteracted with a month-long treatment of special medication.

All three are doing great now.

A Furry Escape Artist and Happy Return

When Chris and his wife received a Petcube Bites treat camera as a Christmas gift, they mainly used it to monitor their dog Lexie when they were away from home. But one day, their cat Douglas was the one who ran away.

They live in a farmhouse and Douglas is strictly an indoor cat. He suffers from kidney disease and has an ulcer, so he needs to take special medicine twice a day. Chris and his wife were distraught, since without the medication, Douglas was dealt with a life-threatening situation. Douglas couldn’t take care of himself. There are also coyotes, feral cats, hawks, and other predators in the area that could harm their kitty. But, Chris had a brilliant idea to lure Douglas back home using the Petcube camera.

Chris put out food and water on the porch and set up Petcube Bites next to it. On the second night, Chris woke up to a phone vibration. It was a Petcube Care notification with a sound-triggered video of Douglas eating his kibble. Chris ran outside, and brought the furry escape artist home.

We’re all happy to hear that Douglas is fine now. You can read the full story here.

Hive Emergency Caught in the Nick of Time

Ricky went out of town one weekend, and his fiancée was working, while their dogs were home. While at work, she checked their Petcube cam. She noticed that one of them wasn't acting right, and zooming in on the pet, she spotted severe hives all over his body. She rushed home immediately.

When she got home, their dog was covered in hives and there were two awful sting bites on his neck. She was able to give the pup some benadryl and took him to the ER Vet to make sure their dog got proper treatment.

Needless to say, everyone is healthy and happy.

Ricky and his dog

Alerts Save Cat from Asthma Attack

Susan is a mom to a beautiful cat Ziggy Spice Williams. Ziggy suffers from asthma, so she needs constant monitoring. Feline asthma can be as severe as human asthma. When an asthma attack occurs, a pet will start coughing and wheezing. During a major asthma attack, a pet needs immediate veterinarian attention.

When Ziggy was having a major asthma attack, Susan was at work and wasn’t planning on coming home for another few hours. Triggered by the disturbance, Susan received a Petcube Care notification alert to her phone. She saw through the Petcube pet cam that Ziggy was experiencing a major attack. Susan immediately drove home and was able to give Ziggy her medication and get her checked out with her vet.

Susan and Ziggy Spice Williams are doing great now.

Susan and Ziggy Spice Williams

Dangerous Broken Glass Averted

Cats can make a mess like nobody’s business. They can also hurt themselves. When two kitties knocked a mirror off the wall, it completely shattered onto the floor. The Petcube cam immediately notified their mom, and she was able to see the dangerous shards of broken glass.

With the mirror shards covering the floor, she saw that the cats (obviously!) were investigating the mess. Since she was at work, the mom texted her roommate who was able to quickly clean up the mess and save the kitties from potential harm.

Thankfully, the crisis was averted and the kitties were spared from getting injured.

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