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— Rachel Youens
Independence Day Pet Safety Checklist

Between July 4th and July 6th US shelters see a 30 - 60% increase in intake. Scared pets panicking from fireworks often end up lost or injured. »

— Angela Vuckovic
How to Discipline a Dog Without Punishment

Disciplining your dog doesn’t have to be cruel and punishing. Learn how to correct your dog’s behavior with these humane methods and techniques! »

— Rachel McVey
How to Discipline a Puppy Without Punishment

Strategies for eliminating undesirable puppy behavior. Do's and Don't, what to consider when train a puppy, common puppy problems and solutions. »

— Brad Wells
How to Help a Dog With Separation Anxiety - 10 Easy Steps

If your dog is too excited when you come home, he could have separation anxiety. Our guide will help you calm your dog and cure his separation anxiety. »

— Rachel Youens
How to Stop a Dog From Barking

Learning how to stop a dog from barking doesn’t have to be a strenuous process. Take a look at some effective tips to stop your barking dog from driving you crazy! »

— Guest Author
Pros and Cons of Owning a Pet

Taking care of a pet has a lot of benefits and involves a number of responsibilities. Here are some crucial things to consider before getting a pet. »

— Ali Smith
5 Steps To Become An Eco-Friendly Pet Parent

As Earth Day is approaching, take these 5 simple steps to reduce your pet’s environmental pawprint and become an eco-friendly pet parent. »

— Rachel Youens
Eight Adorable Doggy Breed Mashups You Have To See
— Ali Smith
10 All-Important Kitten Supplies [Infographic]

The number of items to take good care of a kitten could fill a mansion. Here's a list of essentials to start. »

— Ali Smith
Kitten Care 101 - How to Take Care of a New Kitten

Got a new furry family member? This kitten care guide will help you learn everything you need to know about new kitten care and raising a happy kitten! »

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