Bringing a new kitten home soon? Lucky you! It is always exciting and fun. You’ve suddenly got a cute, cuddly, and incredibly curious new friend! Cuteness aside, caring for a kitten is also a huge responsibility. They are tiny, but the number of items you need to take good care of a kitten could fill a mansion. However, you can start with a few essentials to make sure your kitten is healthy and happy.

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A carrier will serve as a good transportation means for your kitten at all times and as a shelter at first. Many times, your furball will feel confused about their new home and try to hide.

Dishes and Food

Your kitten will need to eat and drink, so items like food and water bowls are a must. You might assume that your kitten needs milk, but, in fact, it shouldn’t have any. You should only give it specially formulated kitten food and clean water.

Litter box

It is important to introduce your kitten to a litter box as soon as you bring it home. Provide an accessible one and encourage your kitten to use it. Make sure to keep the litter box away from other items — even kittens prefer to relieve themselves in privacy.

Scratching post

Cats love to scratch. And your kitten will scratch. It’s instinctive. Providing a scratching post will save your sofa or wallpapers from serving that purpose.


Kittens are active and playful. More than you might expect. So there’s no such thing as too many toys for a kitten. Chew mouse toys, strings, feather boa teasers, foam or lattice balls, strings, lasers - you name it! Just avoid toys that could be swallowed or have parts that could be easily ripped off.


Making sure your kitten has somewhere comfortable to curl up and snuggle after a long day of playing is essential. A small cat bed with a soft center cushion surrounded with higher sides will make your kitten feel safe.

Collar and ID tag

Kittens are escape artists and could easily get lost, especially in the early weeks. It is important your kitten has a collar and ID tag with its name and your contact information on it. Make sure you can stick two fingers between the collar and the kitten’s neck, so it’s not too tight.


Grooming is an important part of looking after kittens. And since they have softer and shorter hair, it should be no problem. Specifically designed furminators for kittens offer a soothing, massaging experience while keeping the hair clean and healthy.

Petcube Play Pet Camera

Monitor and exercise your fur baby even when you are away with a pet camera like Petcube Play. It allows you to watch, talk to and play a game of laser tag with your kitten when you can’t be there, all from your smartphone. A built-in motion and sound sensor will give you a peace of mind that your kitten is safe and sound. And if it’s having a hilarious moment, use the Petcube Care cloud video service to record videos to enjoy later.

Check out the infographic for a handy list of all-important kitten supplies.

Kitten Supplies Infographic

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