Watching and playing with your pets via a Petcube camera device is fun and comforting, yet your pet’s activities don’t stop when you turn the camera off. Petcube Care is a cloud video recording that gives you video history. So you can finally get a full picture of what your pet is doing all day while you're gone.

Petcube Care app screen

How can I try Petcube Care?

A free trial of Petcube Care comes with all new Petcube camera products and provides 24/7 coverage with 10 days of video history. If you do not subscribe to a plan after that, you have access to a more limited 4-hour video snapshot.

To use Petcube Care, make sure you have the most recent version of the Petcube App and the most recent firmware version on your Petcube camera device. If your app’s version is current, please contact our support team to request a firmware update.

To get the most out of it, flip Petcube Care into Awake mode, which will turn on the actual video recording and send notifications to your phone.

So whether your pet just sleeps most of the day or is being cute or naughty, you never have to miss their secret, precious moments again.

Why should I use Petcube Care?

One of the great things about Petcube Care is that it will notify you almost immediately if something happens - but beyond that it will capture a video that you can later replay to find out what was going. Whether your cat knocked a vase off the table or your pup was yipping for help because it got trapped in the couch, you will get a push notification to your phone within 15 seconds.

You can share your videos, too. Some of the best videos from Petcube Play and Petcube Camera have been recorded with Petcube Care!

What if I want to subscribe?

For complete 24/7 cloud-recorded coverage, Petcube Care subscriptions provide 10 or 30 days of video history for $10/month or $30/month, respectively. Annual plans are also available for an even better deal!

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