Peanut butter and jelly. Popcorn and butter. Magic happens when two great things come together to form one. So when one adorable dog breed falls in love with another, the only result can be a cuteness explosion. From chugs to dorgis, we're looking at the cutest mashup breeds in existence.


Sheepdog + Poodle
This well tempered mix brings together two incredibly smart breeds to create a hypoallergenic mix.
(photo via @sheepadoodle_panda_kim)


Dachshund + Corgi
You're certainly not gaining any height in this mashup of short legged dogs, but you will get a dog that's even more social and clever.
(photo via @lexi_lex88)


Pomeranian + Husky
This mix takes a big dog and helps bring it down to a manageable size. This breed is new and still evolving in its look.
pomeranian pomsky
(photo via @remythepomsky)


Husky + Corgi
These two loving breeds have created a pup that's even more sweet, but with a Husky's added smarts.
horgi husky corgi
(phot via @givemeharley)

Border Beagle

Border Collie + Beagle
Watch out because this brainy mix of dog breeds just might outsmart you. The Border Collie's herding instincts bring even more energy and intelligence to this breed.
border collie beagle border beagle
(photo via @kristenfeola)


Pit Bull + Dalmatian
The classic spots have gotten a tougher look with this mixing in of Pit Bull or Bull Dog.
bullmation pit bull bulldog dalmatian
(image via @23_spence)


King Charles Cavalier Spaniel + Beagle
Originally bred in Australia, this breed was designed to take some of the scent drive out of the standard Beagle.
beaglier beagle cavalier spaniel
(photo via @wollongongwalkies)

Bull Pug

Bull Dog + Pug
Although often called a Mini Bulldog, this breed is actually a mix. With it's chunky body and fold-filled face, this dog has a lot to love.
bull pug

(photo via @guffsaysruff)

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