Discovering that your bestie canine pal has run off is a heart stopper. Not only is it stressful for you, it’s dangerous for your dog. Understanding why your dog keeps running away and knowing what to do can help you to manage this behavior more effectively. Let’s explore the reasons why dogs run away, how you can prevent this, and what the likelihood is of them returning home.

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  1. Why Do Dogs Run Away
  2. If a Dog Runs Away, Will They Come Back
  3. What to Do if Your Dog Runs Away
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Why Do Dogs Run Away

Knowing what motivates your dog to run away is crucial in preventing future escapes. Here are some common reasons:

  • Curiosity: Interesting new smells and sounds can lure your pup out with the promise of adventure.
  • Boredom: Your dog is more prone to run off in search of excitement if he isn’t getting enough stimulation.
  • Natural drives: Dogs’ natural tendencies are to hunt, explore, and search. This is more common in certain breeds and in unneutered makes.
  • Fear: If your dog is scared or feels threatened, they may run to find safety. Loud noises like fireworks or thunder can cause your dog to flee.
  • Separation anxiety: They miss you and want to go find you.

The Petcube GPS Tracker is an invaluable gadget if your dog has the tendency to make a run for it. This handy device allows you to track your dog’s location in real-time, so you’ll always know where they’ve got to.

If a Dog Runs Away, Will They Come Back

Your first thought when your dog runs away is, “Will my dog come back?” The chances your dog will return depends on a few things:

  • Is your dog familiar with the area? They’re more likely to return home if they know the area well.
  • Breed and temperament: According to research, some dogs have stronger homing instincts than others, while some breeds are more independent.
  • Training: It’s more likely that your dog will return home if it’s well-trained and responds when called.

Many dogs will come home on their own after running off, but it’s not a guarantee. Things like traffic, predators, and your dog’s ability to navigate the area will all come into play. Using a Petcube GPS Tracker will greatly increase your chances of a happy reunion with your dog in much less time.

What to Do if Your Dog Runs Away

If your dog has run away, the most important thing is to stay calm and tackle the following:

  1. If you’re using a Petcube GPS Tracker, save time by using it to locate your dog.
  2. Check your home thoroughly before searching the neighborhood.
  3. Reach out to local shelters and authorities to help with the search. Make sure you give them a detailed description of your dog and any identifiable information.
  4. Use social media and flyers to get the community involved in keeping an eye out.
  5. Leave scent items, like your dog’s bed or a piece of your worn clothing, outside to help your dog find their way back home.

Dr Ellen Lindell, a Connecticut-based veterinary behaviorist, suggests not trying to chase your dog. Instead turn it into a game and get your dog to chase you.

“Try running with a toy or treat, or even getting into your car if your dog likes to travel, - Dr Ellen Lindell


Why do dogs run away?

Many things can cause your dog to run away. Most commonly, instincts, fear, boredom, anxiety and curiosity are to blame.

Why does my dog run away when I open the door?

Your dog’s excitement and curiosity are usually to blame. It’s important that your dog responds the ‘stay’ command to prevent such escapes.

If a dog runs away, will they come back?

Some dogs will come back on their own, but there’s really no guarantee. Their breed, temperament, and knowledge of the local area can impact whether they come back, but it’s always good to make sure your dog is trained to respond to recall commands.

What to do if your dog runs away?

Don’t panic. If you’re using a GPS tracker, use that to locate your dog. If not, involve local authorities, post on local social media groups to get as many people on the lookout as possible. Help your dog find its way home by placing scent items outside.

Final Thoughts

It’s super stressful when your dog decides to take an unplanned adventure. Understanding why your dog is making a run for it and how you can prevent this behavior is key. You’ll have peace of mind, and your canine companion will remain safe.

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