Have both he AND his dog been extra good boys this year? Treat the both of them to a gift that will fill the new year with fun. These 12 gifts are something for a guy and his four-legged friend to share this Christmas. Also, don't forget about holiday offers for pet lovers to simplify your search.

1) A techie pet puzzle - Cleverpet

It's not enough to just work your doggy's body, you also need to work their mind. This electronic treater is the future of puppy play time.

techie pet puzzle Cleverpet

2) Fashionable dog duds - Frenchie Bulldog

Make your dog GQ-worthy with stylish hoodies and harnesses from this designer company.

Fashionable dog duds

3) A carrier to travel in style - U-Pet

Give your pet a ride with a sunroof with this stylish carrying case. Let them poke their head out the bubble or open it up for fresh air.

4) A pet treat camera to play while you're away - Petcube Bites

Toss your pet a treat from thousands of miles away with this interactive pet cam that lets you watch, talk to, and play with your pet.

Pet treat camera Petcube Bites

5) Bluetooth dog tracking - Dott

Every year thousands of dogs go missing, but this Bluetooth collar tag helps owners work together to find missing pets.

6) Electronic feeder - Petnet

Meal time never has to be late again. With this automated feeder, you can schedule just the right amount at just the right time.

7) A backpack for your bestie - Timbuk2

This famous streetwear luggage brand is taking on man's best friend. This line of backpacks is designed to carry a pet in the back.

muttmover holiday gift

8) A GPS dog collar - LinkAKC

This tracking collar is a lot like a cell phone for your dog. In addition to helping you find him, it also tracks their activity and temperature.

A GPS dog collar LinkAKC

9) Toys for a traveler - Pet PLAY

Normally your dog chewing up your headphones and passport would be just about the worst thing, but thanks to these toys from Pet PLAY, your dog can chew without getting chided.

Toys for a traveler Pet PLAY

10) A designer dog bed - Casper

Doesn't your dog deserve a night of sleep just as good as yours? Famous for their human mattresses, Casper now makes matching doggy versions.

A designer dog bed Casper

11) Barkbrew beer for dogs - Pet Winery

Now you and your dog can settle down at the end of the day with a cold one! Pop a can of this alcohol-free Barkbrew to treat your pup.

12) A juicy steak (toy) - Pridebites

Let your dog chew like a king with this nice juicy steak toy. In case your dog is more the fast food type, there's also pizza and burgers.

gifts for dog

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