Everyone knows that dark chocolate is an absolute no-no for dogs, but most people assume that other ‘people food’ is okay to give them. Not so. In fact, there’s a bevy of treats that can make your beloved pet extremely sick.



Strangely enough, avocado is incredibly bad for your dog. It can cause vomiting, breathing difficulties or even heart congestion. If your dog happens to swallow the avocado pit, take them to the veterinarian immediately.

Caffeine and Chocolate

coffee cup

Dark chocolate is bad, but caffeine can also give your dog the same exact symptoms (excessive panting, thirst, hyperactivity, seizures, and even death). Avoid coffee and cola!

Corn on the Cob


If a dog swallows a small piece of corn on the cob, you may need to take them into the vet for surgery. It’s indigestible and incredibly painful for any dog to suffer through.



Though we shouldn’t have to say anything about this, we need to stress how terrible alcohol is for animals. Smaller dogs are more likely to become intoxicated, and even a tiny amount can cause the shutdown of the nervous system, breathing problems, coma or even death.

Onion and Garlic

onion and garlic

Onions can definitely mess up your dog’s red blood cells. Garlic—which is a strong member of the onion family—may have a stronger effect on red blood cells. If you see that your dog is tired and has difficulty moving, take it into the vet: you may need to order a blood transfusion.

Grapes and Raisins


Grapes and raisins are kidney failure culprits, so check the side of cookie and cake ingredient lists before sneaking your puppy a treat. This is an incredibly fast-acting reaction and dehydration and gastric distress may also be symptoms.

Macadamia Nut


Macadamia nuts of any variety contain some sort of unknown toxin that causes kinesthetic issues (especially in hind legs), panting, tremors and swollen limbs. Not all ‘biscuits’ are good for dogs.

Raw Meat and Egg


Even though we think that dogs are capable of digesting any and all meat, please think twice before giving them raw meat. There’s a much higher chance that bacteria exist in raw steak or chicken, and E. coli and Salmonella are dangerous and potentially fatal.

Dairy Products


Milk and other dairy products are extremely difficult for dogs to digest. Gas, diarrhea and other forms of gastric distress are common in the event that your dog finds a block of cheese and goes to town.


Xylitol toothpaste

Xylitol is a synthetic sweetener that can cause liver failure within a few days. Keep candy, gum and toothpaste out of your dog’s reach.

Yeast Dough


Yeast dough sounds perfectly harmless, but it will expand in your dog’s stomach, which can lead to extreme pain or a ruptured stomach/intestinal tract.


dog treats

Having a dog is a big responsibility. Keeping your dog happy and healthy is an even bigger one. So if you keep food out (or have a curious dog with countertop skills), be sure to read the labels for any and all of these products.

Keep healthy eating habits at home, and be sure that their diet is healthy and balanced. Keep regular veterinarian visits, too!

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