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Petcube Care modes explained

There are two modes in Petcube Care: Awake and Sleep. To change between the settings, open Petcube app, go to the camera profile in Home menu and move the slider to ‘Sleep' or ‘Awake’ mode.

  • Use Awake mode when you are not around and want Petcube Care to be active. You will get noise & motion notifications. These moments will be stored on your timeline.
  • Sleep mode disables Petcube Care. It will not detect and record events. Nothing will be added to your timeline.

Keep in mind that your Petcube camera needs to be online to record the videos.

If you wish Petcube Care to record videos but don't wish to receive notifications about recorded events, you can easily switch Petcube Care notifications in the camera settings. To do so, open Petcube app, go to the camera profile, tap the 'Settings' wheel in the upper right corner, select ‘Notifications’ and disable 'Care Video Recorded' notifications.

If you don't wish to use Petcube Care video recording service but would like to receive motion and sound detection notifications, go to ‘Notifications’ settings again and turn 'Motion Detection' and 'Sound Detection' options ON.

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