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This Father's Day, give your dad something he will absolutely love. Your dad doesn't need another tie or pair of socks. He wants a cool gadget that will bring out his best qualities. So here are the 10 types of dads and why each of them will love the Petcube Camera.

1. The Protective Dad

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Dads are natural protectors. But some dads go to extreme measures to protect their pets. They’re always worried about safety. Save your dad some worrying by giving him a pet camera that monitors his pet anytime, anywhere.

2. The Spy Dad

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James Bond. Jason Bourne. Johnny English. Dads love spy characters so much they relive them in the real world. Your spy dad will love the Petcube Camera's 138°-degree wide angle lens. Time to unleash his inner detective.

3. The Playful Dad

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This dad can play all day. He just loves to play with his pet. But the fun usually ends when he leaves for work. No problem. The Petcube Camera features a certified, safe laser that lets him play with his pet via the Petcube app.

4. The Cool Dad

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The cool dad drives cool cars and wears cool outfits. He's cool in every way. The cool dad deserves a cool gift like a Petcube Camera. Housed in a stylish aluminum case, the Petcube Camera comes with all the bells and whistles he needs. He will love it.

5. The Tough Dad

Some dads like to maintain discipline and order in their house. Yes, they can be tough and hard. But they're just taking their daddy role seriously. Let's face it: we need some tough love every now and then. The Petcube Camera features a built-in microphone and speaker, allowing your pet dad to talk to their pet from afar.

6. The Working Dad

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Dads are pressured to provide for their families. That's why many dads work so hard they go into overdrive. The downside is they miss precious moments with their families and kids. Never miss a thing with the Petcube Camera.

7. The Stay-at-Home Dad

Some dads prefer to stay at home. The stay-at-home dad is always there for your family, proving that money doesn't buy love and time. Stay-at-home fathers are heroes, too. But there are some things that mothers can only do. With the Petcube Camera, mom can remotely help dad accomplish tasks in the house.

8. The Stage Dad

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If we have stage mothers, we also have stage dads. The Petcube Camera can capture photos and videos through the Petcube app. Stage dads can also share photos and videos of your pet on Facebook or Instagram.

9. The Super-Friendly Dad

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The super-friendly dad loves being around with people. The Petcube app is a place where pet dads can share stories and photos of their pets with other pet parents. It's like Instagram for pets. Your dad can even invite other people to play with your pet via the iOS and Android apps.

10. The Techie Dad

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Finally, there's the techie dad who's obsessed with the latest gadgets. He knows the latest phone models and helps you fix your broken laptop. Satisfy your tech-mad dad's cravings by giving him a Petcube Camera.

Did we miss any dad type? Let us know in the comments!

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