Cat ladies have gotten a bad rap as homely old cat hoarders, but real cat ladies know that couldn't be further from the truth. This year the cat lady in your life wants something stylish to make her feline-filled life even more fabulous. Here are 12 Christmas gifts that will totally make her purr.

1. Sifting litter box - Luuup

If you have to scoop poop, you may as well do it in style. Not only does this box look good, it has an innovative sifting and stacking design so you can toss the scoop!

luuup litter box

2. Cat purse - Meowingtons

Who says a cat lady can't also be stylish. This classy leather bag is totally redefining cat lady chic.

3. Kitten palette - Winky Lux

The only thing silkier than a kitten's fur is the way these smooth colors glide on skin. Named after cuddly kitties, the Kitten Palette is the perfect way to finish off cat eye makeup.

cat and makeup

4. Rose gold pet cam - Petcube

Ever wonder what your kitty does while you're away? The Petcube Play is a pet cam that not only lets you watch your cat, it even has a laser so you can play with it too!

pet cam

5. Cat shaped feeder - Vivipet

Cats are known for their regal manner, so you can't just expect royalty to eat from some plastic bowl. Not only do these ceramic bowls look great, they also help keep kitty from getting chin acne (yuck!)

6. Robotic litter box - Litter Robot

What if a robot could take over your most hated chore? It can! This robotic litterbox does the scooping for you and is perfect for multi-cat households.

7. Cat wine - Apollo Peak

At the end of a long day, a cat lady deserves to kick back with her bestie over a glass of meow-lot. This beet-tinted wine is perfect for kitties.

cat wine

8. Cat pillow - Kiwihen

Real kitties are cute, but Kiwihen's art might just be even cuter. Her super kawaii art looks perfect on squishy pillows.

9. Enamel cat pin - Cat Coven

Wear your heart on your sleeve with these feisty cat pins that will show the world you love cats and you're not afraid to show it.

enamel cat pin

10. Tetris-style cat tree - Katris

Even if you're all thumbs and can't play videogames, you and your cat will know exactly how to use this Katris cat tree.

katris cat christmas gift

11. A kitty jungle gym - Catastrophic Creations

As adults, we may be too old for playgrounds, but our kitties aren't. Let your kitty live its best life with tall perches and hideouts from this artistic cat furniture company.

12. A shirt that saves kittens - Kittenxlady

What if just by wearing something you could help rescue a kitten? Neo natal (or "newborn") kittens are some of the most vulnerable animals for euthanasia at shelters and Kitten Lady is trying to save them. Help fund her work with these sweet designs.

kitten lady christmas gift

christmas gifts for cat ladies

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