Not every kitty is made alike, but they're all made perfect! These 9 cats prove that no matter how different your body, it's your heart that matters. All of these kitties are differently abled, from missing libs to funny faces, but what makes them different has also been what's helped them gain a massive following on Instagram. These kitties are sure to inspire your day.

Piglet the cleft lip kitty

Instagram: @cleftlipsupercat

Piglet has a fairly common condition in cats which can also occur in people. A cleft palate or lip can sometimes cause severe problems for a cat, but Piglet's is totally aesthetic...and kinda cute! This one year old kitty was part of a litter that was found and saved, and her different face has helped make her famous.

Monty and his special face

Instagram: @monty_happiness

Monty is a special little cat born with chromosome abnormalities and adopted from an animal shelter when he was three years old. These abnormalities cause him to not have a nasal bone, which makes for a cute, wide face. He is very gentle and he is not afraid of anyone or anything he just loves attention.

Elfie and Gimli the dwarf kitties

Instagram: @elfie_gimli

Some short cats you see are munchkins, kitties bred to have short legs. However, Elfie and Gimli are actually dwarves whose short stature comes from the same genetic mutation that gives Lil Bub his funny shape. From their funny grins to their distinctive waddles, this pair is worth following.

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The wobbling cats

Instagram: @wobblycats

They wibble, they wobble, and they often fall down, but despite their tipsy nature, these kitties are otherwise healthy. Cerebellar hypoplasia is a condition kittens are born with that causes their cerebellum to be underdeveloped. This causes the kitten problems with walking and balance that continue into adulthood.

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Stella the blind kitty

Instagram: @can_do_stella

When this kitten was caught in a cat trap on a spay and neuter mission, the rescuer found her blind and with infected eyes. It turns out Stella suffered from micro eyes, underdeveloped eyes that had little to no vision but caused her great problems. Her eyes have been removed but sometimes you'd never know as this cat helps her mom take care of all her foster siblings.

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Bagel the sunglass cat

Instagram: @sunglasscat

Most of use just wear sunglasses to make us look cool (and maybe a little bit of eye protection), but Sunglass Cat actually wears hers for a reason. Officially known as Bagel, this kitty was born without eyelids so her eyes need special protection from the elements. She's had three surgeries and requires drops, but is otherwise a normal, happy, kitty.

Roux the legless kitty

Instagram: @lilbunnysueroux

This bunny rabbit of a kitty was born with a congenital defect that caused her to have no front legs. Roux's front legs stop at the humerus, but this doesn't mean she can't get around. Her strong back legs give her plenty of mobility, so much so that her family hasn't even needed to consider prostheses.

Sauerkraut the sweater-wearing cat

Instagram: @thesauerkrautkitty

Sure this kitty looks cool in her dresses and sweaters,
but that's not why she wears them. Sauerkraut the cat suffers from a condition called feline hyperesthesia,
or "twitchy kitty syndrome." This condition can cause Sauerkraut to scratch and chew at her skin, and go into itching fits. The clothes protect her skin, comfort her, and she actually really enjoys them.

Loki The Vampire Kitty

Instagram: @loki_kitteh

Vampires are real and Loki is proof! This funny-faced kitty has a killer overbite that causes her canine teeth to protrude forward making for vampire fangs. Although her face may say evil, this kitty is actually cuddly and sweet.

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