Petcube GPS Tracker


Never lost, but safe and sound
with Petcube GPS Tracker

$39.99  $52.99

Track your pet with unlimited LTE/4G connectivity

Live Location Tracking

Follow a pin on the interactive map with dog’s live location updates. Track their current position and favorite routs.

Light & Sound Alerts

The tracker is equipped with a LED flashlight and a buzzer to provide additional location clues in various environments.

Elevate your connection
with Petcube GPS Tracker

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Real-time location updates
when they matter the most

Leverage the Lost Dog mode with high sensibility tracking if your
pet ventured too far and you need a quick response

Prevent escapes with Virtual Fences

Define safe zones and receive alerts when your pet leaves or returns,
providing peace of mind both at home and outside

Safe & No-Go Zones

Create boundaries for your pet's exploration. Define safe places by setting special zones.

Swift Alerts

Receive instant notifications when your dog steps beyond specified areas.

Keep your dog active and healthy

Set Fitness Goals

Elevate your dog's health and activity. Set personalized fitness goals, and track progress on the journey to optimal well-being.

Total Active Time

Track Progress

Get detailed reports on your dog’s activity: miles covered and calories burnt. Use health insights to fine‑tune your routine.

Thought out designs,
built to last

IP67 certified for durability and water resistance

Compact and lightweight for universal fit

Glow-in-the-dark flexible silicon case

Adjustable silicon loops for easy mount

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GPS Tracker uses mobile connectivity to operate.
Learn more about subscriptions to run it.

Tracker Basic



Total: $12



Total: $84

2 years


Total: $120

  • GPS Live Location Tracking

  • 7 Days Location History

  • 7 Days Activity/Wellness

Tracker Premium



Total: $96

2 years


Total: $144

5 years


Total: $300

  • GPS Live Location Tracking

  • Unlimited Location History

  • Unlimited Activity/Wellness

  • 24/7 Certified Vet Chat

  • Lifetime Warranty

Questions? Answers

  • Petcube GPS Tracker

    What are some of the features of Petcube GPS Tracker?

    The Petcube GPS Tracker ensures you stay connected with your pet in real-time, providing precise location updates and aiding in quick retrieval with built-in beeper and light alerts. Set virtual fences for added security, receive location history insights, and monitor your pet's wellness by tracking distances covered and calories burned.

    How large is it? How much does it weigh?

    It's a compact companion, measuring 60 x 25 x 20 mm (L x W x H), and weighs just 29 g.

    Do I need a subscription to use it?

    Yes, a subscription is required to use the Petcube GPS Tracker as it continuously sends and receives GPS position data via local cellular networks, enabling real-time pet tracking, and the subscription can be purchased through the Petcube app.

    Does it work with any phone?

    Petcube GPS Tracker is designed to work with most smartphones, offering compatibility for a wide range of devices, and specifically supports iOS 14+ and Android 7.1.2+ devices.

  • FAQ

    Can I share the location tracking with the family, or can my dog walker use it?

    Yes, you can share location tracking with your family by providing them access to your Petcube App, allowing them to monitor the location of your pet.

    How do I mount it on the collar?

    Mounting the Petcube GPS Tracker on your pet's collar is simple: run the collar through the case loops , insert the tracker, and once securely in place, there's no need to remove it for recharging — simply take the tracker out of the silicon pocket.

    Does it produce any extra signals to help locate my dog?

    Yes, the Petcube GPS Tracker helps locate your dog by producing light and sound alerts, utilizing the built-in beeper and light as additional clues for easy retrieval.

  • Payments

    How much is shipping?

    Shipping at varies on the delivery speed you choose. Select from Standard, Expedited, and Priority shipping options, while the exact prices will vary depending on your location and the chosen option.

    What is your refund/return policy?

    We offer a 45-day hassle-free money-back policy if you purchase a Petcube device through our store at

    Do you charge a monthly fee?

    Yes, a monthly fee is required for the Petcube GPS Tracker, as it necessitates an active paid subscription for continuous GPS tracking and operates through a SIM card, with the plan purchase initiated through the Petcube app after the initial setup.

  • App

    How can I access and control my tracker?

    After subscription setup, easily track your pet's real-time location by clicking the tracker icon, adjusting settings, and accessing features through the Petcube GPS Tracker interface on the Petcube App.

    What is wellness activity monitoring, and how does it work?

    Wellness activity monitoring on the Petcube App allows you to set and track your pet's Daily Activity goal, measuring Active Minutes for exercise and providing a comprehensive view of their health and well-being.

  • Setup

    Where can I place the Petcube GPS Tracker?

    Place the Petcube GPS Tracker securely on your pet's collar by attaching the stretching silicone case, ensuring a snug fit that holds firmly without the need to remove it for recharging — simply take the tracker out of the silicon pocket.

    Is Petcube GPS Tracker easy to set up?

    All Petcube devices, including GPS Tracker, can be set up in a minute. Download the Petcube App for iOS or Android and follow the on-screen instructions. In every box, you will also find a Quick Start guide, and we have customer service if you need help.

    Can I set up multiple Petcube Trackers for one account?

    To set up multiple Petcube Trackers on one account, follow these straightforward steps within the Petcube app: launch the app, click on the Plus icon in the top right corner, select your Petcube Tracker from the list, and follow the instructions; repeat this process for each additional device you want to register.

  • Hardware

    Is Internet connection required to use Petcube GPS Tracker?

    Yes, an Internet connection is required to use the Petcube GPS Tracker, as it relies on local cellular networks to continuously send and receive GPS position data for real-time pet tracking.

    Does Petcube GPS Tracker require a monthly subscription?

    Yes, the Petcube GPS Tracker requires an active paid subscription to operate, as it continuously sends and receives GPS position data via local cellular networks, enabling real-time tracking of your pet.