Petfeed Tales

— Rachel Youens
Pets Who Are Terrible At Catching Pokemon

The Pokemon Go game is our new favorite reason to take our pets for a walk, but while they may love »

— Rachel Youens
13 Things Your Pet is Secretly Doing When You're Not Home

Have you ever wondered what your pet is doing every day when you leave the house? Sure, you think they're just »

— Rachel Youens
Three Steps To Success As a Petcube Ambassador

Petcube is even more fun with friends (both four and two-legged ones) so it's so easy to share and earn some »

— Tenley Haraldson
Beat the Heat: How to Keep Your Pet Cool This Summer

Photo by @thenortherndogs. It’s the height of summer, and finding tricks to keep you and your furry friends cool is »

— Gene Ryan Briones
15 Patriotic Pets You Need to See This 4th of July

Happy Fourth of July! Today isn’t just about the spectacular fireworks or the mouth-watering barbecues and fashionable blue, red, and »

— Oksana Tarnavska
Summer Heat Getting You Down? Adopt a Cool Cat to Change Your Outlook

Petcube for Shelters wants to share the stories of two more adoptable cats today, in support of Adopt a Cat month. »

— Gene Ryan Briones
19 Reasons Why Atom the Pug is a Canine Action Star

Few dogs are as handsome and as dashing as Atom, a 5-year old pug living in Toronto, Canada. But Atom isn't »

— Gene Ryan Briones
More Colors, More Fun: Petcube Camera Now in 3 Colors

When we created the first production prototype of the Petcube Camera a few years ago, we decided to enclose it in »

— Brad Wells
Tuna Is a Socialite Who Needs a New Circle

Tuna is a lovable softie who craves attention. She is currently staying at Hopalong & Second Chance Animal Rescue in Oakland, »

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