One of the hardest things about giving a gift is figuring out what exactly to give. Today people have access to millions of different products, services and experiences and everybody has their own tastes and wish lists. Sometimes it’s hard enough choosing something for yourself, let alone someone else or coming up with pet gifts.

Petcube is a Perfect Gift

I’ll be the first to admit - sometimes it’s just had tough to get a present for someone close as it is to someone you just met - because let’s face it, there is some pressure from knowing something about them and, honestly, having to see them again on a regular basis.

At Petcube, we think our products are amazing. We believe you’ll love it, but we also know that all of the other pet parents in your life will appreciate it too. So whether you need dog birthday presents or cat lover gift ideas, consider giving a Petcube, and read on to learn why it’s a fantastic idea.

1. Petcube is an experience

We’ve all heard the adage about giving an “experience,” rather than a “thing” because people can make new personal memories with it. Let’s be fair, a Petcube is definitely a thing, but it’s a lot more - it’s something you can use and share and integrate into your life. It is something that can be tied up with a bow, but once you open it up it’s something that brings a dog, cat or other small pet owner closer to their pet. It’s something they can actually enjoy not just tomorrow, but a year or more from tomorrow.

2. Petcube is personal

Gift-giving is an opportunity to show the recipient that you care. What’s better than a present for them, their home… and their pet? A gift like a Petcube demonstrates that you know the person really well and that you really care. If they’ve got a pet who spends any amount of time at home - and most do nowadays thanks to work, sports, vacations, errands and everything else most people have going on these days - it’s a great way for them to care for their pet, when they can’t physically be there themselves. It’s instantly tailored just to the recipient and isn’t something you’d buy for just anyone or even another friend.

3. Petcube is practical

Some people are into collections, but most of our truly prized possessions are ones we can actually use. Petcube, though it does sit on a shelf, is one meant to be practical. It’s way more than a shiny box - it’s something your gift recipient actually wants, but can use for hours, whether it’s to check in on their own pet, play with them on the go or replay what they’ve been up to all day when they’ve been gone. With sound and motion detection-triggered alerts, it gives them peace of mind that both their pet and home are safe and secure.

4. Petcube is new and different

It’s hard to give presents for some people - the people who have everything, the people who seemingly don’t have any interests or free time, the workaholics, or the person you don’t know very well to name a few. No matter who you are looking for, the latest Petcube is something they might not have yet, might not even have heard of, but who will surely enjoy it as a pet gift that provides an always connected lifeline to their favorite pet.

5. Petcube unboxing is an event!

We all know that presentation matters. The unwrapping of a perfect gift is a special event that should be cherished and enjoyed. We’ve worked hard to ensure the Petcube unboxing experience is magical and fun. Take a look at a few examples: here and here. Besides, who doesn’t like stickers?

6. Petcube can make them laugh… and make memories

One of the best things about Petcube cameras are that they’re meant to bring the owners joy. It’s not simply a home camera - they’re interactive. They’re for having games and fun. Petcube Play 2 pet camera comes with a built-in laser and Petcube Bites 2 pet camera with a treat dispenser with variable power. Check out some of our favorite videos captured from Petcubes and share your own. The Petcube App allows for instant picture and video taking, and an additional optional Petcube Care subscription can capture anything you might have missed with 24/7 cloud video recording. This makes it an especially great when you're looking for new puppy gifts or for kittens, because they're going to grow up fast!

7. Petcube is something they want, but don’t get themselves

A Petcube is one of those items that many people like the idea of, but might be hesitating to get one for themselves for any number of reasons. It could be the price or a concern how their pet would react or an issue of budget or something they haven’t had time to do any market research on themselves. Some people might feel guilty about buying one for themselves… or specifically for their pet. Getting it as a gift removes that guilt, which can make for an amazing present!

8. Petcube is returnable and durable

When you buy at, you get a 45-day money back guarantee - that we’ll take it back, no matter the reason and give you a full refund. So if your gift recipient wants to return it, you won’t need to sweat. We also offer a 1-year warranty on our product, so you can be sure it’s something that will last and that they’ll be able to enjoy well beyond the gift-giving occasion.

Petcube products are perfect gifts for pet parents who can't take their furry companions with them while traveling. With 1080p HD video, night vision, and cloud video history, they can monitor and interact with your pets anytime, anywhere. Chat and play laser tag with Petcube Play 2. Treat and train your pet with Petcube Bites 2.

Petcube Play 2

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