“Should I get pet insurance for my dog?” is a common conundrum among dog owners. In this article, I, Ivana Crnec, DVM, will give you the answer.

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  1. Should I Buy Pet Insurance for My Puppy
  2. When to Get Pet Insurance for Puppy
  3. Does Pet Insurance Cover Puppy Shots
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Should I Buy Pet Insurance for My Puppy

Yes, you should buy pet insurance for your puppy. The top six reasons for investing include:

Reduced Vet Bills: The main advantage of pet insurance is being covered in the case of life-threatening accidents or disease. Veterinary treatments have hefty price tags, and insurances help cover the costs.

Wider Treatment Options: Having insurance allows pursuing costly treatment options that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive.

**Ease of Mind: **

"Insurance helps cover the unanticipated costs of pet ownership and can be a huge relief for owners," says Dr. Sarah Gorman, manager of New York’s Small Door Veterinary, in an article for CBS News.

Vet Helpline Access: Most insurance policies include access to online veterinarians, which is practical, especially if you do not live close to a vet clinic.

Affordable Premiums: Insurance plans are affordable despite the fact that the cost of the premium rises with age.

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Flexibility: Insurance policies are flexible, allowing you to activate various add-ons or cancel the subscription at any time, if necessary.

According to a Market Research survey, 81% of dog owners say that pet insurance is worth it. We recommend the Petcube Emergency Fund, which covers $3,000 in emergency veterinary expenses and 24/7 online vet access. Click this link to get it with a 27% discount.

When to Get Pet Insurance for Puppy

Get pet insurance for a puppy as soon as possible. Pet insurance premiums increase as dogs get older due to the higher risk of conditions.

Plus, standard policies do not cover pre-existing diseases making it practical to be covered early on before problems arise. However, there is no age limit, and you can have your puppy or adult dog insured whenever you decide.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Puppy Shots

No, regular pet insurance does not cover puppy shots and other preventative care.

However, “coverage of preventive care was the most valuable feature in pet insurance among those presented to dog owners,” according to a 2021 Vet Record study.

Therefore, most policies offer add-ons allowing owners to tailor the plan based on individual needs.


Is Pet Insurance Worth it for a Puppy?

Yes, pet insurance is worth it for a puppy. Puppies are the least risky age group to insure, which means the policy will be cheaper.

What is the Best Pet Insurance for a Puppy?

The best insurance for a puppy is the Petcube Emergency Fund. It offers $3000 in vet expenses and access to online vets and resources.

Do Pet Insurance Cover Vaccinations?

It depends on the policy type. Most insurances do not cover vaccines but have wellness add-on options to include preventative care.


Pet insurance is a great investment. Get a premium and upgrade it based on your dog’s needs to stay covered throughout its life and ensure optimal veterinary care.

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