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— Joanna Que
How To Introduce a Kitten to a Cat and Make Them Get Along

8 tips on how to introduce cats, what to do if your cats don't get along, and some cat bonding tricks for responsible pawrents. »

— Joanna Que
Is Cat Sneezing a Reason for Concern?

Why do cats sneeze? Learn about possible causes for sneezing in cats, their signs, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. »

— Claudia Smargiasso
What is Pica in Cats? Definition, Reasons, Treatment

Pica disorder in cats: definition of feline pica, signs that your cat might have it, common reasons, and treatment for pica in cats. »

— Claudia Smargiasso
Why are Cats Afraid of Water? 4 Reasons Why Your Cat Hates it

As we all know, cats are afraid of water. What is behind their fear? Read about the reasons why cats hate water and learn how to get your cat to like it. »

— Guest Author
What to Do When Your Cat Is Not Eating

If your cat has stopped eating, find out more about potential reasons for this behavior change and possible solutions to help your cat regain an appetite. »

— Guest Author
Cat Snoring: 5 Reasons Why Your Cat Snores

Learn about the main reasons why cats snore, when cat snoring is normal and when it's a sign of health issues, and how to stop or prevent cat snoring. »

— Sofia Chervynska
We Asked People How They Made Their Pets Instagram Famous

We spoke with the owners of popular pet Instagram influencers to find out how to make your furry friend a social media star »

— Guest Author
7 Holistic Solutions for Common Pet Problems

From fleas and allergies to chewing and bad breath, these common health issues in cats and dogs can be solved with all-natural remedies. »

— Sofia Chervynska
10 Best Game Apps for Cats

Challenge your furry friend to catch a mouse, fish or a laser dot with best cat game apps on your smartphone or tablet! »

— Ali Smith
New Petcube Care Perks for National Pet Month

All Petcube care members enjoy 15% OFF Pet Tunes Speakers to sooth their pet's anxieties and 40% OFF GoBone interactive dog toy to keep their pups occupied »

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