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— Ali Smith
5 Times Pets Made Complete Fools of Humans

As pet owners might like pranking their dog or cat, it's often the pets that can make humans look foolish. »

— Brad Wells
Petcube Replaced My Security System!

Petcube is not just for monitoring pets, many features also bring added home security, including night vision and sound/motion alerts. »

— Ali Smith
10 Plants Poisonous to Cats and Dogs

Many plants are toxic to pets. As a responsible pet owner, you should be aware of them in order to keep your furry friends healthy and safe. »

— Guest Author
How to Keep Your Cat Safe Home Alone When You Leave

While cat is able to give you countless hours of support and companionship, it is also your responsibility to provide it with a safe environment to live in. »

— Guest Author
How to Get Rid of Cat Pee Smell - 5 Simple Tips

We love our cats, but there is one part of cat ownership that isn’t too great: cat pee. It, frankly speaking, stinks. Here's what to do about it... »

— Rachel Youens
7 Comics That Sum Up Valentine's Day For Cat Lovers
— Rachel Youens
How to Know If Your Cat Loves You
— Rachel Youens
Holiday Plants Poisonous To Cats And Dogs

Are Holly, Poinsettias, Christmas Cactus, Mistletoe poisonous to cats and dogs? Many of the holiday season's popular plants can actually pose a danger to pets. »

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