Shelters (5 posts)

— Angela Vuckovic
ABC of Pet Shelters and How to Help Them

Each year, around 1.5 million animals are euthanized in shelters all over the United States. What can you do to »

— Ali Smith
5 Steps To Become An Eco-Friendly Pet Parent

You may bike to work and choose an energy-saving light bulb, but how green is your pet? Family animals produce a »

— Brad Wells
Utterly lovable blind cat duo Bruce & Wayne need a forever home

Bruce (left) and Wayne (right) Bruce & Wayne are two very special tabby cats. Just look at them, they’re utterly »

— Brad Wells
Consider Adopting a Senior Cat

When people go to a shelter looking for a cat to adopt, they often look for the ‘newer models’: kittens. A »

— Tenley Haraldson
Why You Should Adopt: Black Dogs

A semi-regular forum where we discuss the merits of lesser-appreciated dog and cat varieties. This week’s theme: Black Dogs. Dogs »

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