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Brad Wells combines his love of writing and animals to bring Petcube blog readers a great deal of advice about caring for pets and how to best use Petcube's products to grow closer to your pets.

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— Brad Wells
With Smart Alerts, Only Get Alerts That Matter

Petcube's AI can now tell pet owners when their dogs are barking, cats are meowing, and whether pets or people are in view. Available with Petcube Care. »

— Brad Wells
Consider Adopting a Senior Cat

Adopt a senior cat instead of a kitten. Old cats are perfect companions for families with children and senior citizenz and they will endlessly love you. »

— Brad Wells
Petcube Hunt For Cuteness: Join The Ultimate Scavenger Hunt

With Easter and April Fool's Day just around the corner, we’re giving away some egg-cellent prizes when you join our Scavenger Hunt For Cuteness! »

— Brad Wells
Why Do Dogs Howl, and How to Stop It

Dogs use howling to communicate a variety of things. Certain breeds like huskies howl more often than others, but it also could be a learned behavior. »

— Brad Wells
Why Do Dogs Whine and How To Stop It

Is your dog a whiner? Have you ever wondered why your dog keeps whining? Read our guide to find out the reasons and solutions to stop your dog from whining. »

— Brad Wells
Hands-free voice control for Petcube cameras

Petcube HD pet cameras work with Alexa voice commands for hands-free control. Compatible Amazon Alexa skill allows you to play with or treat your pet. »

— Brad Wells
Help San Francisco Rescues & Set a Doggy World Record!

Petcube's Rescue Block Party supports animal welfare and rescues. It's an important cause for Petcube users, 76% of which adopted their pets! »

— Brad Wells
Why Petcube Pet Camera is a Perfect Gift

It can be hard to give a good gift, whether it’s a birthday, wedding or other occasion. A Petcube is a pet gift for pet owners, pets and smart homes. »

— Brad Wells
How to Help a Dog With Separation Anxiety - 10 Easy Steps

If your dog is too excited when you come home, he could have separation anxiety. Our guide will help you calm your dog and cure his separation anxiety. »

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