The rest of us may be used to a world of surveillance cameras and Big Brother, but our pets still think they have privacy. So what happens when the pets realize you're watching? Some tilt their head with confusion, some try to find their owner trapped inside the camera, and some go on the attack. What type is your pet?

Here are eight pets that finally discovered the Petcube pet cam.

Hmm..sounds like the people but doesn't smell like the people

Attack! Destroy!

I miss you, please come home :(

Must. Get. Red. Dot

Hooman? How you fit in der?

Hey, can't a cat get some privacy?

Wait, is this just another trick the cat is playing on me?

Hello meowmy, are you in there?

Want to find out what your pet is secretly up to when you're not there? Petcube Play lets you watch, hear, and even play with your pet remotely. Sound and motion alerts can let you catch their funniest moments and the laser pointer can give them exercise any time. Learn more about how these cameras are fun for both pets and their owners here.

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