While traveling is always fun for humans, our four-legged pals can find it rather stressful. However, unlike cats, most of the dogs would prefer being beside their owner in any unusual situation to staying at sweet home alone. If your dog is young, healthy and playful, easy-going and rapidly adapting to new people and surroundings, you would probably want to take him with you. Here are the several things to remember.

Travelling with your dog

  • Make sure that your furry friend got all the vaccinations, flea and worm treatment made in time. Visit your vet doctor to ensure that the dog is healthy and ready for the adventures. If you are not sure about what to do with your dog whole on a holiday, the doctor may give you some useful advice based on the state of your pet’s health.
  • Do some research to find out that dogs are generally welcomed in a place you are travelling to. Would your friend will be allowed to join you on the beach? Is it common to take your pet to restaurants in a place of your destination?
  • Needless to say that you’ll need to book a pet-friendly hotel and will probably have to pay an extra fee for a stay with the furry companion. It is also recommended that you contact the hotel staff in advance and make sure that the room has all the facilities that your pet may need. You will likely find out that some necessary things are missing, so you can take them with you.

Choosing a boarding facility

If your dog is old enough and have never travelled further than your local pet store, city park or vet hospital, visiting new places may become a great stress for both of you. Consider booking a nice boarding kennel, so your pet will spend his own vacation while being well cared of. Here’s a few tips on choosing a right place to stay:

  • Good recommendation is a must. Some of your friends may have already wondered about what to do with their dog while on holiday and could probably find a trustworthy solution. You may also need to check forums or websites like yelp.com to gather all the comments about the certain kennel.
  • Visit the facility in advance to see if the conditions are good enough for your pup. Is it clean? Is the air fresh enough? Does the staff know what to do to comfort pets in an unfamiliar environment? Does anyone of the pets look sick or particularly unhappy there? Are the vaccinations required for the furry guests to enter? Can you bring your pet’s special food?
  • If you’re not comfortable with the idea of having your pooch closed in a prison-like limited space for a week or even more, you can find a pet sitter who can board your dog at their own home and treat him like their own furry child. Try using websites like Rover to look for a right nanny for your dog. You can also put a Petcube pet camera to pet sitter’s place, so you’ll be able to check on your pet anytime.