While traveling is always fun for humans, our four-legged pals can find it rather stressful. However, unlike cats, most of the dogs would prefer being beside their owner in any unusual situation to staying at sweet home alone.

If your dog is young, healthy and playful, easy-going and rapidly adapting to new people and surroundings, you would probably want to take it with you. And what to do if it isn't possible? So, what to do before leaving your dog home alone while on vacation? Here are several things to consider.

Give Your Dog Plenty of Attention Before You Leave

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If you’re planning to be away for an extended period of time, it’s important to start preparing for this time as far in advance as possible. Prepare early and schedule plenty of outings with your pup – short day trips, walks, hikes, and runs – preferably during times when they will be left alone for long periods of time.

These times can be stressful for your dog so it’s very important that they have time to socialize in advance. This will ensure that they are happy and comfortable when you leave them. Make sure that they get plenty of attention and affection right before you leave – this will lessen their anxiety during your absence.

Planning Ahead

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When leaving your dog for an extended period of time, it’s important to remember that they are still very much animals with basic animal needs. You should do your best to make sure they have everything they need while you’re gone.

Make your mind on your trip's length. If you're leaving for just a day or two, make sure that there is someone who can stop by to check on them during the day. But what if you're going somewhere for a week or two? Taking care of your dog is now a more complex and responsible deed you should think of beforehand.

Where to leave your dog?

Maybe, you have a friend or family member who can offer your dog company and exercise? Should you ask your neighbor to check-in on how your doggo is doing? How about a dog daycare facility? They can provide exercise, and since a dog daycare is staffed with people all day long, your dog will be much less likely to be lonely. With a variety of options, be sure to arrange everything beforehand.

Using a Doggie Day Care

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If you’re planning to be gone for an extended period, chances are that dog daycare is not a viable option. However, if you’ll only be gone for a day or two, then spending the day at doggie daycare could be a great way for your dog to stay active, socialize with other dogs, and interact with new people. It is also a great option if you travel often and have difficulty finding someone to watch your dog regularly.

Before making any final decisions on a boarding facility or daycare provider, ask for information on the staff and their knowledge of dogs. Also, take a good look at their facility and ask questions about their procedures and methods. If at all possible, visit in person to check things out firsthand and ask around to find out more about such a place.

Pet Sitting Services

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Pet sitting services are another great option if you’ll only be gone for a day or two. Some services will allow your dog(s) to stay in their own home while they are watched. A pet sitter can spend a few hours checking in on your dog or even stay all night. Some sitters will also bring over food and water when you’re away, so there’s little need to provide it yourself ahead of time.

Depending on how long you are gone, those services could end up costing more than traditional doggie daycare or boarding facilities. That being said, pet sitters tend to be able to provide more individualized care than many other services, which can make up for the higher price tag per visit.

Boarding facility

A boarding facility is sometimes among the best options you can choose. If your dog is old enough or has never traveled further than your local pet store, city park, or vet hospital, visiting new places may become great stress for both of you. Consider booking a nice boarding kennel, so your pet will spend his own vacation while being well cared for. Here are a few tips on choosing the right place to stay:

  • Good recommendation is a must. Some of your friends may have already wondered about what to do with their dog while on holiday and could probably find a trustworthy solution. You may also need to check forums or websites like yelp.com to gather all the comments about a certain kennel.
  • Visit the facility in advance to see if the conditions are good enough for your pup. Is it clean? Is the air fresh enough? Does the staff know what to do to comfort pets in an unfamiliar environment? Are the vaccinations required for the furry guests to enter? Can you bring your pet’s special food?
  • If you’re not comfortable with the idea of having your pooch closed in a prison-like limited space for a week or even more, you can find a pet sitter who can board your dog. Try using websites like Rover to look for a right nanny for your dog. You can also put a Petcube camera to pet sitter’s place, so you’ll be able to check on your pet anytime.

Traveling with your dog

If you’re going on vacation pretty close to home, there’s no need to leave your pup behind! In fact, going on vacation and having a change of scenery is the perfect way to bring out the best in your pup.

Even if you’re going on vacation somewhere far away for a month or more, there are many hotels and vacation rentals that welcome dogs! There are also pet-friendly sightseeing tours where you can safely and happily travel with your pet across town or across the country.

  • Make sure that your furry friend got all the vaccinations, flea and worm treatment made in time. Visit your vet doctor to ensure that the dog is healthy and ready for adventures. If you are not sure about what to do with your dog while on holiday, the doctor may give you some useful advice based on the state of your pet’s health.
  • Do some research to find out that dogs are generally welcomed in a place you are traveling to. Would your friend will be allowed to join you on the beach? Is it common to take your pet to restaurants in a place of your destination?
  • Needless to say that you’ll need to book a pet-friendly hotel and will probably have to pay an extra fee for a stay with the furry companion. It is also recommended that you contact the hotel staff in advance and ensure that the room has all the facilities that your pet may need. You will likely find out that some necessary things are missing, so you can take them with you.

Dog with Petcube Bites

Even if you're leaving your doggo for a while, don't forget that you can check-in on your own. With a Petcube pet camera, you can make the most of two-way audio and talk with your pet even on vacation.

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