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Pros and Cons of Owning a Pet

People enjoy the company of animals and having a pet in your life brings the feeling of joy that goes both »

— Guest Author
What Do Dogs Dream About?

If you have been with your dog for most of their life, you may already know everything about them from the »

— Guest Author
A Bunny as a Pet – In the Right Circumstances, You Bet!

As an exotic animal veterinarian, I see many kinds of pets – from rodents to birds to reptiles – every day. But, perhaps »

— Guest Author
How to keep your cat safe when you leave

Cats can be wonderful and amusing companions. Each has his or her own personality, and many cats simply love to be »

— Guest Author
5 Ways to Target Cat Pee Odor

We love our cats and we assume they like us back, but there is one part of cat ownership that isn’ »

— Guest Author
Holiday Tips for Safe Pet Care at Thanksgiving

Celebrating Thanksgiving with friends and family is a festive occasion that requires additional preparation, particularly if you own pets. New members »

— Guest Author
Introducing an Exotic Pet into a Home with Cats and Dogs

As an exotic animal veterinarian who treats birds, rabbits, ferrets, rodents, reptiles, amphibians, and other less commonly known pets such as »

— Guest Author
Pet Cameras: They’re Not Just for Cuteness

Pet cameras to monitor our pets are more popular than ever—people want to know that their fur-babies are okay while »

— Guest Author
3 Questions You Should Ask Before Buying Pet Insurance

Every pet parent’s worst nightmare is not being able to help if their furry friend gets sick or injured unexpectedly. »

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