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— Oleh Boiko
My Cat Won't Let Me Sleep at Night: Reasons and Solutions

Humans can get stressed, tired, and frustrated by cats' active night life. Find out why felines meow, run and jump at night and how you can make them sleep. »

— Oleh Boiko
Why is My Dog Shaking, Shivering, or Trembling

Ever wondered why your dog is shaking or trembling? Read on to find out about the numerous causes of shivering and what can be done to mitigate it. »

— Oleh Boiko
Pork, Chicken, Beef, or Lamb: Is Any Meat Good For Dogs?

Ever wondered if dogs could eat any meat in all its forms? Find out which types will make your dog healthier and which ones to avoid by all means. »

— Oleh Boiko
Can Cats Eat Fruits Like Apples, Bananas, or Grapes?

Find out which fruits and berries you can share with your cat and in what amounts and which ones are fruits you always thought were vegetables. »

— Oleh Boiko
Nuts and Seeds for Cats: Benefits, Risks, and Considerations

Nuts and seeds are superb supplements for the human's diet. But is it so for cats? Find out what nuts and seeds your cat can eat and in what amounts. »

— Oleh Boiko
Why Do Dogs Beg for Food and How Can You Stop It?

Is your dog begging for food despite being fed already? Learn more about this behavior and how you can discourage it. »

— Oleh Boiko
Choosing a Pup Breed 101: 10 Easiest Dog Breeds for Novice Owners

Looking for a pooch? Check out the ten best first-time dog breeds. Read on and choose a pup matching your lifestyle and training preferences. »

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