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Stop googling your pet's symptoms, reap the benefits of talking to a certified online vet anytime you have a question.

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Text with the on-call veterinarian, send pics and videos of your pet when it’s convenient for you. No vet appointment needed.

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With your pet’s digital profile, vets can easily review the previous history and come up with the best solution.

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Save hundreds on unnecessary vet visits and resolve uncertainty in your pet’s health for one lunch cost each month.

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The vet really helped in minutes

The vet was quick to response and provided background information, advice and remedies on my pets condition. I definitely plan to use vet chat in the future should anything else arise!

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Saved money on consultation

It's great to have someone to contact for just simple questions and put worry at ease rather than running straight into a $70+ vet appointment that may not have been needed.

Caring for your pet's wellbeing

Online Vet by Petcube offers 24/7 online vet help available in seconds on your phone or computer.

No need to search "vet clinic near me" and drive late at night for an emergency off‑hour visit.

Reach out to a pool of certified experts ready to help your pet and save your peace of mind, time, and money.

Your concerns are addressed

  • Which kinds of pets do you provide vet consultation for?

    Petcube Online Vet is currently available for cats and dogs.

  • Is Online Vet a teletriage or telehealth service?

    Our vets now provide teletriage services. Teletriage is intended to supplement, not replace, the existing relationship with your usual veterinarian.

    We can offer advice and recommendations for your pet's care. However, our vets cannot make official diagnoses or write prescriptions at this time.

  • Can I get Rx medications prescribed?

    Our veterinarians are unable to prescribe Rx medicines for your pet due to the nature of online consultations and the regulatory constraints that come with them.

    Certain medications can be recommended by our veterinarians, but if they need a prescription, you must have one on file with your primary veterinarian or bring your pet in for an in-person consultation.

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