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Get your personalized vet advice in minutes

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  • Which kinds of pets do you provide consultations for?

    Online Vet service is currently available for cats and dogs.

  • Can I get Rx medications prescribed?

    Our online vets are unable to prescribe Rx medicines for your pet due to the nature of telemedicine and the regulatory constraints that come with them.

    Certain medications can be recommended by a pet doctor, but if they need a prescription, you must have one on file with your primary veterinarian or bring your pet in for an in-person consultation.

  • Who will answer my questions through chat?

    Our experts are certified practitioners - cat and dog vets, who are currently working on shifts in a physical veterinary clinic, and when free from appointments, they join chat to help even more pet parents with advice and second opinion.

  • What is veterinary online by Petcube?

    Petcube offers 24/7 vet online chat available in seconds on your phone or computer. During the consultation you can get answers to any questions concerning your pet’s health - like dog vomiting and diarrhea, nutrition - such as “can dogs have milk”, behavior, and more.

    The process is easy: ask a vet online and get the answer in minutes, as our doctors are on-call every day, late at night, and on holiday, ready to provide care anytime.

  • How much does a chat with a 24-hour vet cost?

    Online vet chat is a monthly subscription for less than $1 a day to access the best experts 24/7.

  • How can online vets diagnose without a physical examination?

    While some diagnoses are made only with a physical examination and tests, online vets for dogs and cats can get lots of necessary information from the pet parent: general information about your pet species, breed, age, gender, pet history, behavior, and any changes in the way they’ve been acting can all play a big part in their health. The virtual vet also can examine your pet based on photos and videos, and ask you to do some tests yourself so that they better assess the situation. These clues can help to narrow down the possible problems and provide better advice.

  • What kind of questions can you ask in a chat?

    Ask a vet any questions that are bothering you concerning your pet’s health, like vomiting, diarrhea, hard time pooping, ears or eyes problems, skin itching, abnormal licking and scratching, coughing, sneezing, and other breathing changes. Even if your pet is peeing and pooping in the house or you want to teach a puppy or kitten where to pee. You can get answers and advice via an online vet visit that soothes aggressive behavior and separation anxiety, get medication advice and nutrition guidance, and lots more. No need to disturb your vet nearby, text the specialist who is waiting for your question.

  • How can I chat with a vet online?

    It’s easy: start a chat and select the reason for your concern and ask a veterinarian what bothers you, then let us know whether your pet is a dog or a cat, what’s its name, your email address to set a profile and after checkout, you will be connected to a dog veterinarian or a doctor specialized in cats.

  • When are veterinarians available to provide online consultations?

    Petcube’s docs are available for consultations 24 hours a day, seven days a week on weekends and holidays, with an average waiting time for the first vet connection of fewer than three minutes.

  • How can an online vet help my pet?

    No need to search "vets near me" and drive late at night for an emergency off-hour visit. Online doctors can save you time and money by helping you understand whether or not you must rush to the veterinary clinic or if this is a minor issue, and you need to monitor your pet’s health and contact them in several hours or days. Online veterinarians can’t prescribe medicine and conduct physical examinations and tests, but 24/7 availability is precious for your peace of mind at an affordable price.