Cats are known for expressing their love in particularly weird ways. If you've ever received a dead mouse on your doorstep, then you know that their romantic gifts aren't always great. It's a good thing then that cats don't celebrate Valentine's Day because who knows what they'd come up with? They'd probably just throw out all the chocolate and give us the there any gift better than a box?

Here are 7 comics that perfectly sum of Valentine's Day for cat lovers.

Sure a dozen roses is great, but a dozen kittens... Art by sunmeejoh

Your cat left you a special's waiting for you in the litter box

Mmm, roses are a delicacy

The more you want them, the more coy they are

"I'll shed a little hair on your so I'm always with you" Art by Catsu

"But I made it myself! People love homemade gifts!"

Hmm I'm pretty sure there would be a romantic tuna dinner as well

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