Dog father

Father’s Day is the best time to recall why we love our dads. When we think about it, there are many reasons to appreciate them. In honor of Father’s Day this Sunday, we’d like to introduce you 10 excellent dogs who often show off their fatherly qualities on Instagram.

1. Dog dads are fearless. There is no need to be afraid when he is beside you

2. Dog dads also want you to be strong, which is why they train you for everything

3. Dog dads are very patient, but let you have fun!

4. Even when you are just being silly!

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5. Actually, dog dads love you so much they let you do almost anything

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6. Dog dads are stylish and teach you to be the same

7. Dog dads are real super heroes, saving the world and inspiring others every day

8. Dog dads are good role models

9. Dog dads love unconditionally and deeply

10. Dog dads are always there to lean on (sometimes quite literally).

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