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— Guest Author
3 Questions You Should Ask Before Buying Pet Insurance

Every pet parent’s worst nightmare is not being able to help if their furry friend gets sick or injured unexpectedly. »

— Gene Ryan Briones
Pet Teeth Cleaning Basics

The most overlooked facet of pet health is dental care. Did you know that 80% of dental tartar on your pet’ »

— Gene Ryan Briones
14 Reasons to Love Your Pets Even More

Pets are forever friends with infinite benefits. You may not realize it, but your pet is always there for you. It’ »

— Gene Ryan Briones
Smooshie’s Story is a Smoothie for Cat Lovers

Do you know how many cats in the US are abandoned each year? Millions of cats are homeless, according to the »

— Gene Ryan Briones
12 Hilarious Pranks Played on Pets

Nobody wants to be called a fool, unless of course it’s April Fools’ Day. Yes, a day when people love »

— Gene Ryan Briones
21 Everyday Human Foods Can Be Toxic to Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats love to sniff around and lick anything they find interesting. It’s all about awareness, knowing what to »

— Gene Ryan Briones
12 Pets on Instagram That Will Inspire You

It’s time for your weekly dose of cute, irresistible pets. We’ve picked 12 pets on Instagram that will make »

— Daria Staverska
Petcube App 3.0 iOS Update Promises a More Rewarding Experience

We all lead busy lives filled with personal commitments, family, work, travel, and the list goes on. There never seems to »

— Gene Ryan Briones
12 Dogs That Will Make Your Monday Awesome

Monday is awesome—not! We hate Monday because it’s the first day of the week. Monday is almost like a »

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