For two years, Petcube’s award-winning team of designers and engineers have been researching and testing to bring you the perfect treat camera, and now... It’s official! Our latest product, Petcube Bites treat camera, is available for purchase! You can see, hear, talk to and fling treats to your pet remotely.

Petcube Bites is a pet camera that allows pet parents to interact with their fur babies remotely through advanced treat flinging, gaming and camera capabilities. We consider Petcube Bites the most innovative product ever built for pet parents, as it allows people to bond and reward their pets remotely.

Your ultimate pet trainer

Does your pet chew on your shoes, scratch your couch, eat your pillows or quietly lie by the door waiting while you are out? Separation anxiety in dogs and cats takes on various forms. We have made Petcube Bites treat camera the perfect solution for naughty and lonely pets!

When you see your fido or kitty misbehaving, tell them to stop and fling a treat to reward them. If they are being good, say "Good boy!" (or "Good girl!") and toss them a treat. Pets, being as smart as they are, will quickly realize what to do and what not to in order to get a yummy bite.

For bored and lonely dogs, play fetch by tossing treats various distances, up to 6 feet! They will be so excited they will forget you are not there.

Dog looking at the Petcube Bites pet camera

Unique gaming experience

We have made the treat experience fun for both pet parents and their fur kids. While your pet is enjoying fetching treats, have fun with the app by flinging treats Angry Birds-style. Swipe the bone on the screen to toss a treat a short, medium, or long distance. It’s super easy and super exciting!

While pets are afraid of loud sounds, the Petcube Bites treat launcher is soft and quiet so it won't scare your furry friend. Your dog or cat won’t perceive it as a danger.

Petcube Bites Game Screen

Size that matters

The Petcube Bites treat cam has a high capacity container that can hold up to two pounds of treats. You won’t have to worry about counting your treats or limiting your play time!

While easy to remove, fill and clean, the container locks so smells don't escape so your curious puppy or kitty won't be tempted to eat up all the treats.

Petcube Bites on the table top

Smart technology

We have integrated Petcube app with the Amazon Dash Replenishment service that ensures you never run out of treats and disappoint your pet. There’s a built-in sensor in the treat container, and it will notify you when the supply is low. Once you receive the notification, you can reorder treats automatically straight from our app.

Perfect Pet Monitor

We know how important it is for pet parents to know that their pet and home are safe when you can't be there. The Petcube Bites pet camera has motion and sound alerts to notify you of major disturbances going on at your house.

Whether your cat knocked over a vase, your dog is barking at someone at your door, or the two of them are just messing around, you will get a notification on your phone that can trigger the cloud video recording service. You can tune in almost immediately to catch your pet in the act, take action to calm them down if necessary or just enjoy the scene unfold. If you're away from your phone, rewind and playback the video on the interactive timeline later.

Petcube Bites pet camera, couple and Beagle

Advanced camera capabilities

Being away from your fur kid is frustrating to suffer through poor quality video. With the Petcube Bites treat camera, you can watch your pup or kitty in clear 1080p HD at a 138° wide angle, day or night. Find out what they are up to in the dark with the night vision feature, and use 3x zoom to see them up close.

Petcube Bites treat camera close-up

Beauty inside and out

The Petcube Bites treat camera is not just technically advanced but beautifully designed. Your pet might not appreciate the sleek look, but you certainly will. The unobtrusive colors of Matter Silver, Carbon Black, or Rose Gold will fit seamlessly into your home decor and not bother your pet. Use the wall-mounting kit to hang the pet camera on the wall or place it on a table or shelf. A no-skid surface on the bottom is there to ensure the device won’t move around much or tip easily. And made of aluminium and hard plastic, the device is pet-proof.

Petcube Bites hung on the wall

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