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— Tenley Haraldson
Golden Retrievers and Golden Years: Senior Citizens and Pets

Senior citizens experience depression. Activities like walking and bicycling become difficult, friends and family members pass on, and memories become cloudier. »

— Guest Author
Pet Cameras: They’re Not Just for Cuteness

Cameras to monitor our pets are more popular than ever—people want to know that their fur-babies are okay while they are at work. »

— Brad Wells
10 Ways for Pet Moms to Celebrate Mother’s Day
— Guest Author
How Much Water Does Your Pet Need?

How much should your dog (or cat) drink? It’s important to always have fresh, clean water available for your pets. »

— Tenley Haraldson
Caught on Tape: Cats Behaving Badly
— Daria Staverska
9 Benefits of Living With a Cat

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