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Annoyed by slow pet insurance claims? Confirm your incident 24/7 and get your vet bill covered the same day!

Your $3,000 a year

Protect up to 6 pets with a single plan. Use it in a vet emergency once a year.

No restrictions

Any dog or cat is covered, regardless of age, breed, and medical history.

Fast coverage payment

Unlike pet insurance, we make a direct payment to a vet clinic at the time of pet emergency.

24/7 online vet help

Get any question answered in no time with a 24/7 online vet included in your plan.

How does it work?

We only pay for your vet bills in any life‑threatening situation, but vet appointments or not severe cases are not eligible for coverage.


Talk to a vet online

Start a chat to share a video and confirm the emergency case.


Obtain Emergency Vet Help

Go to any local veterinary clinic nearby within 4 hours and get the necessary help.


Get vet bill paid

Ask the receptionist to call our hotline with the final cost.


Focus on recovery

Head home with your furkid’s life saved and your vet bill paid.

Protect my pet

for only $29/month

Meet some of your Petcube vet team

Helping hand in action

Passing the mic to pet parents, does accident-only coverage
make any sense?

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Milo’s Persian Cat ER visit after poisoning by eating cat litter

I’ve noticed that Milo was acting weird, he was passive and, didn’t eat at all. I texted the veterinarian in Online Vet and after a video examination she told me it was an emergency case and I need to go to a vet clinic. Hopefully, he’s okay now, it appears to be a cat litter that he had swallowed.

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Luna’s Beagle ER visit after being attacked by a neighborhood dog

It all started so fast.. Thanks vet clinic near me was good. Can’t imagine what I would do, if I had to pay the bill by myself, so Petcube’s fund appeared to be a good investment. My poor girl will recover smoothly.

We cover incidents

We are sure that transparency in coverage helps to grow trust between pet parents and Petcube further.

Fund covers

  • Toxic ingestion

  • Choking and breathing difficulty

  • Severe blockages

  • Severe internal & external injuries

  • Other serious, unexpected, dangerous situations that require immediate medical attention

Fund doesn’t cover

  • Scheduled appointments

  • Scheduled surgeries

  • Regular check-ups and vaccinations

  • Pregnancy and related issues

  • Parvovirus

Lists are not exhaustive. All emergencies are evaluated on a case level by our vets.

Traditional pet insurance
vs pet insurance alternative

Meet Petcube Emergency Fund — the top pet insurance alternative in the US

Emergency Fund

  • Deductible

    $0 *

  • Reimbursement

    Up to $3000

  • Claim repayment

    Same day

  • Grace period

    14 days

  • Restrictions

    No restrictions

  • Pets covered

    Up to 6 pets

  • Vet consultations

    24/7 online veterinarian



Pet insurance

  • $50–1000

  • 50–90%

  • 4-40 days

  • 14-30 days

  • Above 10-14 y.o, no pre-existing conditions coverage

  • At additional cost

  • No



* $0 if your yearly membership is fully paid. Unpaid months’ fee is deducted from the covered vet bill amount ranging from $29 (1 month) to $319 (11 months).

Terms to keep in mind

Unlike pet insurance, Emergency Fund is open for any pet, even with pre-existing conditions. But you can activate it only after a 14-day grace period by confirmation of an online vet.

On day 15
after subscribing

You can start
using your coverage

Once a year

You can use the fund
for an emergency bill
up to $3,000

The fund covers
pre-existing conditions

But not planned appointments

Your concerns are addressed

Feel free to reach out with any questions at

  • What pet insurance pays the vet directly?

    Petcube Emergency Fund pays directly to the licensed vet clinic of your choice anywhere in the US, after vet care. Your case should be eligible for coverage and confirmed by our vet online. Note that if your membership is not been fully paid for 12 months since joining, the membership fee for the unpaid months will be deducted from your covered vet bill amount.

  • How does pet insurance work in the US?

    Talking about Petcube Fund, the process is like this: you join the coverage and can start online vet consultations ASAP.

    After 14 days pass, you can get one emergency vet bill coverage up to $3000 for one of your 6 dogs or cats under one household once a year. $3000 can’t be split for several emergencies or several pets.

    We pay only for incidents and only after our online vet has approved the case in chat.

    You can get help at any vet clinic in the US and after our team has reviewed the bill, we pay directly to your vet. In most cases, the bill is paid right away. Our coverage is designed for a pet parents that paid yearly membership, so if you just joined the month you had an emergency, we will deduct eleven unpaid months from the amount that will be covered in your final vet bill.

    As you can see, understanding how it works is essential for you not to become frustrated in the end.

  • What pet insurance covers pre-existing conditions?

    Petcube Emergency Fund coverage helps pets in life-threatening situations no matter the pet’s age, breed, or previous medical history. The only condition is that your pet must be in a life-threatening state. Our veterinarians tackle each case individually to ensure that your pet is eligible for fund activation, and no negligence led to this state.

  • Is Petcube Pet Emergency Fund a pet insurance?

    No, we’re different from traditional pet insurance which is personally calculated according to different parameters like age, breed, and coverage range. Petcube offers a universal plan for emergency coverage aiming to provide an affordable solution for millions of pet parents.

  • Is pet insurance worth the cost?

    Petcube pet insurance alternative is an affordable option when you pay less than $1 a day for protection, it’s not more than $365 a year, which can save you up to $3000 for ER vet bills. According to thousands of pet parents, Petcube Emergency Fund is worth the cost.

    Here’s an example, a pet ate chocolate and had a severe reaction, our vet recommended activating the emergency funds and going to the vet clinic right away. Pet parent just joined a month ago and paid $29 for the first month of membership. The final vet bill was $2041, as the pet parent still has 11 months unpaid ($29*11=$319), $319 was deducted from the final vet bill of $2041, so we made a payment to a vet clinic of $2041-$319=$1,722.

    Another pet parent who just joined also had approved by our vets emergency, but the vet bill we can cover was $270; with 11 months unpaid ($29*11=$319), we couldn’t cover that emergency as the membership fee was higher than the vet bill. As you can see Emergency Fund is helpful for high vet bills.

  • How do I know if the vet will accept an Emergency Fund?

    Petcube coverage differs from typical insurance for cats and dogs in that we make a direct payment to a veterinary clinic of your choice. Up to now, our clients haven’t had any difficulties with this step, as all licensed vet clinics in the US accept the Fund. However, if you have issues with a veterinary clinic, please feel free to contact our support.

  • Can I use the fund for more than one incident per year?

    No, our coverage can only be used once per year per membership. The funds are limited to a one-time payout of up to $3,000 regardless of the amount. If you have used the Fund’s coverage, you can still use online vet help for 12 months since joining a membership, as we cover emergencies and deduct unpaid months of your membership from your vet bill.

  • How long does the fund stay available after activation?

    After being referred by our veterinarian via online chat, your Petcube Fund is available at your preferred veterinary clinic for a maximum of 4 hours.

  • Can I use the fund without consulting Petcube’s vets?

    No, to use your coverage, you must be referred through the platform by one of our veterinarians. A video recording is mandatory to determine if it is an pet emergency or not.

    You will not have access to the fund if the animal has been admitted prior to contacting one of our vets.

  • Can I use the fund right after the joining?

    Hopefully, your pet is healthy and you don’t need to use the Fund. But for future incidents, your coverage will be available after 14 days after joining, with no exceptions at this point.

You have a plan in case of emergency!

You have a plan in case of emergency!

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