There are two types of people. There are cat people. And there are dog people. Cat people love to chill and would rather spend the weekend sleeping (with a cat, of course). Meanwhile, dog people — folks who prefer licks over paws - love going out for walks.

If you’re the latter, congratulations! Owning a dog has a lot of advantages. There’s an ample amount of evidence lauding the benefits of owning a pooch. In fact, studies show that these furry buddies can help reduce stress.

But the perks have caveats, one of which is to walk your dog even when you’re feeling lazy. Another is to be extremely patient when your mutt is misbehaving. If you’re wondering what dog ownership feels like, check out these comics that sum up dog ownership.

1. You miss your dog all the time.

I want m dog comics
(Art by Karoline Pietrowski)

2. Leaving your dog behind is hard.

Leaving dog comics
(Art by Gemma Gené)

3. Your dog is usually more excited than you when going out for a walk.

Walking with a dog comics
(Art by Loryn Brantz)

4. You get unlimited free hugs.

Free hugs comics

5. Your dog is super supportive.

Supportive dog comics
(Art by Gemma Correll)

6. Who needs a baby when you have a cute mutt?

Cute mutt comics
(Art by Loryn Brantz)

7. It’s so hard to resist your dog’s sad eyes.

Dog eyes comics
(Art by Gemma Gené)

8. One unwritten rule of dog ownership is you must not move when your dog is sleeping on you.

Dog sleeping on you comics

9. Your pooch can be rude sometimes.

Dog rude comics
(Art by Lingvistov)

10. But that's okay. Sometimes it’s just a case of miscommunication.

Dog miscommunication comics
(Art by Lingvistov)

11. Your dog is your greatest weakness.

Dog weakness comics
(Art by Gemma Gené)

12. You're just happy to have your dog beside you.

Happy dog owner comics
(Art by Gemma Gené)

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