When it comes to grooming, we all want our dogs to be the best-looking mutts in town. And it doesn’t matter if you have a special breed that requires new hairstyles every month or just a regular pooch - there are tons of cute dog haircuts to make your pup as adorable as possible.

Here are 8 of the cutest and most hilarious dog haircuts for your inspiration!

1. You can’t say no to a dog with such a cute teddy bear-like face

Cute dog haircut @buddyboowaggytails

2. We’re not entirely convinced that this is a dog and not a muppet.

Cute Poodle haircut @spicedogsss

3.There’s nothing better than a good hair blowout. Even for your dog.

Cute puppy haircut @moem_n

4. There’s never enough cute Pom haircuts

Pomeranian cute haircut @mynameis_mango

5. Who is this charming gentleman?

Yourkie haircut @duckytheyorkie

6. This Shih Tzu puppy cut makes your pooch impossibly cute

Shih Tzu puppy cute haircut @dailydougie

7. The most adorable poodle haircut you’ve ever seen!

adorable poodle haircut @pablothepoo

8. Long hair don’t care

Cute Yorkie haircut @williecute