Caring for your pet when you are not there is hard. A pet camera is great to monitor your fur kid in a particular spot or room. But with multiple pets or in a multi-room house, you probably need more than one pet cam to make sure your pets and your entire home are safe.

With Petcube’s new multi-camera account feature, you can easily manage multiple cameras from a single account on your smartphone to follow your pup or kitty anywhere they are in the house.

Be everywhere your pet is

You won’t have to worry where your fur kid went when it’s out of sight of your pet camera in your living room. Whether your pet is napping in the master bedroom, raiding the kitchen in search of treats or digging through your laundry, you can find out.

The updated Petcube App now allows you to add several Petcube devices to your account and conveniently switch between them to know exactly where your pet is in the house and what it’s up to. No more surprises when you come home from work!

To register an additional camera in a single account on either, iOS and Android device, follow these steps:

  • Update your Petcube App.
  • Launch the Petcube app (we hope you like the new interface - check out the image below).
  • Swipe left at the top of the ‘Home’ tab.
  • Press the ‘Tap to connect your device’ (iOS) or 'Add a camera' (Android) icon.
  • To finish setup, follow the instructions in Setting up Petcube Play camera.

If you currently have two or more cameras on separate accounts, keep one of the accounts as your main account, delete the second (or other) camera from your other account, and add it to the main account.

Petcube app new multi-camera account feature

Save on multiple cloud video subscriptions

Even with multiple cameras, you might not always be available to check on your pet. Petcube Care cloud video recording service will ensure you never miss a special moment from your precious fur kid. Get notified of any noise or disturbance in the house and replay video history on an interactive timeline to find out what your pet is doing during the day.

Subscriptions start with just $10/month for one camera. For coverage of multiple cameras, save 50% on each additional cloud video subscription and enjoy the peace of mind knowing your pet is out of trouble and your home is safe.

To purchase additional Petcube Care subscriptions, go to, sign in with your Petcube account or go to the Petcube Care product page and select the most suitable subscription option for you. You will also be able to upgrade your subscription for each additional camera from the Petcube App by going to the ‘Home’ screen of the camera and clicking ‘Upgrade’.

Petcube app multicare subscriptions

Better by the bundle

Petcube 2-packs and 3-packs are ideal for multi-room homes. You can interact and play with your furry loved ones, wherever they are, and keep your entire home secure. Even the sneakiest of pets won't get away. Also, bundle pricing allows you to save some money for a little gift for your fur kid.

Petcube Play 2

Petcube is a Wi-Fi pet camera designed for pet parents to care for their fur kids remotely. With 1080p HD video, night vision, and cloud video history, you can monitor and interact with your pet any time when you are away. Chat and play laser tag with Petcube Play 2. Treat and train your pet with Petcube Bites 2.

Reimagining pet care

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